Gig Photos: Belle Game at Bardot, Los Angeles

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Gig season is in full swing and amazing venues are hosting amazing shows, giving gig goers the opportunity to discover new favourites, to let go of the daily troubles and just dance for a few hours.

Team HITS definitely feels at home at venues and therefore it's our pleasure to continue sharing our impressions with you.

Earlier this month our LA based photographer Melissa went to see Belle Game and we get to hear all about her experience.

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Date: 5th February 2018
Venue: Bardot, Los Angeles (US)

Headliner: Belle Game

Belle Game are a four piece from Vancouver, Canada. 
The band formed in 2009 and have a sound which can be labeled as Crush Pop.

Belle Game are:
Andrea Lo
Adam Nanji (guitar)
Alex Andrew (drums)
Katrina Jones (keys)

Signed to the label "Arts & Crafts", Belle Game have been productive and have written, recorded and released enough material to satisfy their loyal and growing fanbase.

EP: "Inventing Letters" (2009)
EP: "Sleep to Grow" (2011)
LP: "Ritual Tradion Habit" (2013)
LP: "Fear/Nothing" (2017)

Check out Belle Game's latest music video for "Low" right here:

Belle Game online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

The rather small venue was packed with music fans on both, the main floor, as well as the second story.
The Monday night quickly turned into an evening of discovering new music, which the listeners eagerly anticipated.

During Belle Game's set, multiple phones where held up in the air to document the magic on stage.
But the crowd was respectful and listened to every word and chord the band delivered so brilliantly.

You could easily tell that the band had a great time on stage, performing their songs for the LA crowd, who gladly danced along to the tracks.
Their performance was on point and strong on all fronts.

The interaction between the band was just as visible as the interaction between the band and the audience - and therefore created an inviting and safe space for all music fans, allowing everyone to "free" themselves.


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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Photography: Melissa Rodriguez | **tickets to the event have kindly been provided**


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