Behind The Song: "aawake at night" by half•alive

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- Behind The Song -
"aawake at night" by half•alive

half•alive are a three-piece from Long Beach, California (USA).
The independent band formed in 2016 as the product of a challenge member Josh Taylor commited to; he wrote 50 songs in order to improve his writing skills.
Together with drummer Brett Kramer and Grammy nominated producer James Krause, a few of those songs came to life.

half•alive's first EP, "3", was recorded inside a helicopter hanger which has been redesigned into a recording studio.
After releasing the EP, the band started working on their live shows and added bassist J Tyler to the mix.

The fan base grew rapidly, to no surprise.

Today we get to learn a bit more about "aawake at night", the band's latest music video. 

Check out what they tell us about writing and recording the song, as well as shooting the music video:

"'aawake at night' is by far the most introspective of the songs off our album 3.
When writing the song, we were looking to depict our hearts longing for something more than our present circumstance is providing.
The feeling of being unsettled and searching for something that will last rather than pass away is what inspired us to write this song.

The recording process was by the far the most arduous for this song.
We really pushed to make this song reach the potential that we believed it could reach. The goal was to have strong electronic influences for this song, when a particular sound wasn't right, we would spend hours searching until we found it. In many ways the process of recording this song is reflected in the song's lyrics - the endless search.

We ran into many issues filming the music video.
The most challenging issue was finding a location to place the giant shipping container we rented.
After diligently searching, we finally learned that J's dad would let us use his church's parking lot.
When it was being loaded in, everybody came out of the church and apartment complexes next door to see what was going on.
It was crazy. We're still surprised it went smoothly."

Watch the video for "aawake at night" here:

half•alive online: Website | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Text Intro: Vanessa Jertschewske | Text "About Song" & Image: half•alive


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