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Hey guys!

I grew up surrounded by women who taught me that hard work gets you places,
that loving unconditionally is the only way to love truly,
and who taught me that women are capable of literally everything. 

My first favourite band was a fieve piece girl band.
They were the first band I saw live when I was six years old and I wanted to be as expressive with my life is they were with theirs. 

In kindergarten, I hung out with boys and was never excluded from any games. They treated me like one of them. 

When I first started out in the music industry at 16, I was guided by some of the most supportive men I've ever met.

Once I decided to turn photography into a serious part of my job, I found so much support and help from a female collective.

Why am I telling you this?
Well, to show you that I grew up, thinking there was no such thing as inequity between men and women.

But - spoiler alert: there is.

I could write a million and one posts about this topic (and I have written one, click here),
but instead I've decided to turn my frustration into something joyful.

And so I've created a "female equals future" playlist for myself and everyone else to enjoy.

Female artists struggle in many ways and so this playlist is dedicated to all of them.

I want to comment on every single track, so I'll try to write a little summary of the playlist.

So my idea is for you to hit play and read along to my commentary as you're listening to the tracks.
If you don't want to do that, that's fine - but please check out these talented musicians.

Every artist/band name is linked to their website, so if you like something - make sure to visit their pages and support them.

Enjoy "female equals future"!

Of course I had to start off with some Paramore.
Yes, they're not all women in the band - but front lady Hayley Williams was one of the first women I've looked up to for her creativity and her ability to turn emotions into music.
"Hard Times" is yet another masterpiece.

Dagny's "Love You Like That" is one of the loveliest love songs on the playlist and it's so refreshing, so energising and just a beautiful pop song.

I first listened to Liza Anne about four years ago and have been in love with her sound ever since. She's evolving so much and "Paranoia" might just be my favourite track of hers.

Black Honey is another female fronted rock band that you need in your life, so start with "Hello Today", if you don't know them yet.

Laurel's voice is so expressive and so hypnotizing, "San Francisco" will soak you in and not let go. You'll love it.

"Used To Do" by Gabrielle Aplin is yet another proof that she can pull off any change of style - whether it's Folk or Pop or Rock, she's got it. 

Anne-Marie is one of those exciting acts who still has plenty of surprises coming up for us, "Heavy" showcasing her melancholic and soft side.

Kat Frankie is my latest discovery - and holy moly, I'm so glad I found her music. "Bad Behaviour" speaks for itself, so give it a listen and you won't be disappointed.

Lissie is a remarkable lady who has written multiple stunning albums and has found a sound that couldn't work better for her. "When I'm Alone" is just genius.

If you haven't heard of Bryde before - you're gonna thank me for adding "Desire" to the list. It's her latest track and it's mysterious and badass and overall brilliant.

Fenne Lily's "Top To Toe" is one of the most calming tracks you'll find on this playlist. I fell in love with this song when it randomly played on Soundcloud and I haven't been able to stop listening to it since.

Keeva has been featured on HITS a couple of times before and it's such a joy to finally have another track to share with you. Warning - "Whiskey" might make you cry. Her voice is pure gold.

You're already crying? Let me add fuel to the fire with The Lunar Year's "Porcelain". Another female fronted band that has touched our hearts with this stunning track.

Sigrid had a big year and if you listen to "Dynamite", you'll know why. I can't help but get Adele-like wow-vibes from her extremely expressive voice.

Every lady featured on this list blows us away with her voice - and Hannah Grace is no exception. Keep your love is firey, souly and just fabulous.

Kid Wave combines moody beats with sunny riffs and give us magical vintage vibes with "Everything Changes".

Say what you want, I like Taylor Swift and thing her evolution sound wise is nothing but fascinating. "...Ready For It?" is exciting and futuristic.

If "Woman (Oh Mama)" by Joy Williams doesn't get you stomping your foot, please see a doctor. It's infectious and such a perfect anthem.

To give you a moment of peace, I had to add Rachel Sermanni's "Breathe Easy" to the mix. It's so calming and so comforting, you might shed a tear or two. (I shed three.)

Nina Luna is a HITS favourite and her creative approach to music is so fulfilling, you don't want to miss out on "Hope Run Wild".

I have to admit, I don't know many Lady Gaga songs, but I wanted to end this playlist with her piano ballad "A Million Reasons" because it left me speechless.

And that's it for the playlist.

I really hope you've enjoyed it - thank you for checking it out.

If you know any female musicians you'd like us to feature in the future, please get in touch!

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Credits // Words & Image: Vanessa Jertschewske

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