Interview: Thomas McConnell

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today the lovely Thomas McConnell is guest of the day on house in the sand.

Thomas, the singer/songwriter from Liverpool (UK), writes and records his own music and has supported China Crisis, Ian McNabb and a lot more.

See what he told me about those support tours, his love for The Beatles, pre-gig nerves and some other interesting things.

house in the sand: So you have already toured with China Crisis and Ian McNabb. What was that like? And with whom else would you like to go on tour?

Thomas: They were both fantastic, the Ian McNabb tour is on-going but every gig has been memorable and they're much bigger crowds than I'm used to so that's great. I'd love to tour with Paul McCartney one day.

house in the sand: Do you get nervous before going on stage? If so, does it fade away quickly? If not, are there any tricks you know to stay calm?

Thomas: I'm not that bad for nerves. I usually think, "What's the worst that could happen" if I'm feeling a bit edgy and that calms me down.

house in the sand: What things, other than making music, do you do in your free time?

Thomas: Haha not much, I'm not that interested or good at anything else. I spend a lot of time researching and listening to music when I'm not making my own. Outside music I love to watch and research comedy.

house in the sand: What albums have you been listening to lately? Who are your favourite artists?

Thomas: The Beatles have been my heroes my whole life, especially Paul McCartney. Recently, I've been listening heavily to David Bowie and everything I've been hearing by Edwyn Collins at the minute sounds great to me.

house in the sand: Back to your own music: how would you describe your sound?

Thomas: I don't really know. I suppose Beatlesque/60's is the most accurate description but then it's hard to describe The Beatles sound. I don't really like artists who do one genre. I like artists who merge styles/genres like The Beatles and David Bowie so that's what I attempt to do.

house in the sand: You offer your fans and new listeners a big variety of songs on your Soundcloud page. What does the writing and recording process of all those songs look like?

Thomas: It changes from song to song. Ocasionally I write the lyrics first but I usually come up with a melody or chord progression and put words around it. Most the songs on my soundcloud were recorded in my room so I play all the instruments and then produce it on my multitrack recorder.

house in the sand: Download a song online (legally, of course!) or buy it in a store?

Thomas: I buy online more than instore but 9 times out of 10 it's a physical copy. Not really into downloading music but I occasionally download a track or two from Amazon.

house in the sand: Please complete the following sentence: I am Thomas McConell and I …

Thomas: a Singer/Songwriter who was born in Liverpool but grew up in Newcastle Upon Tyne and I need The Beatles.

house in the sand: Is there anything else you would like the house in the sand readers to know?

Thomas: Just that I'll be releasing a new EP this summer with some tracks people who know my stuff will have heard and some they haven't so keep their ears peeled.

house in the sand: Thank you a lot for taking time to answer my questions. I now am a new listener and wish you all the best.

Thomas: Thanks very much for having me!

And here is some of Thomas' work, enjoy it! 


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