Review: #SoulRecall - Dennis McCalmont

Hey guys,
today I have another review for you.
This time I'm going to introduce you the album "#SoulRecall' by Dennis McCalmont.

Dennis McCalmont, an acoustic singer/songwriter from Ireland released his full length album June 1st.

The longplayer consists of 10 tracks:
1) Speeding Train
2) Let The Spirit
3) Missing Person
4) Waitin For The Summer
5) Loverboy Blues
6) Wanted Needed Love
7) I Can't Get Deeper
8) Wishes
9) You'll Make It Through
10) Live & Let Live

#SoulRecall is a guitar based record. Dennis' main voice is in the focus and only little backing vocals are used.
The whole album really has an encouraging and motivational feeling to it, which is an unique feature nowadays.

"Speeding Train", the opener of the song definitely transports good mood and loads of enthusiasm mixed with electric and rhythm guitar elements.

"Let The Spirit" is an upbeat and uplifting song that gets me grooving. Yes, I just said grooving.

No matter what weather you're dealing with, "Waitin For The Summer" will put you into holiday feeling, I promise you! The light guitar strums, the reggea-ish rhythm and the sound of waves are going to make you miss the ocean. 

To sum it up: with "#SoulRecall" Dennis did a very good job and created a special and unique album with his very own sound.

A massive plus is that 50% of all sales go to the charity "Love Hope Strength".
To purchase it, click here.

Get connected with Dennis, a really lovely guy:

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