Interview: The Castellers

Hey guys,
I found most of the bands featured on hits on Twitter. It's such an easy way to talk to people and exchange links of work.
Exactly that way I found The Castellers, a five piece band from cool Manchester. They play fantastic 60ties influenced British Rock.

The band consists of:
- Paul Paterson (drums)
- Ryan Healey (vocals)
- Alex Moretti (bass guitar)
- Neil Trout (rhythm guitar)
- Russell Robertson (lead guitar, keys)

See what they say about Oasis, Rock'n'Roll, their dislike for Green Day and a lot more.

house in the sand: So, your sound is mainly influenced by the 60ties. On your Facebook page you write that your favourite bands are The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Oasis and more.
How did you get into that area of music?

The Castellers: I think for a lot people Oasis where a band that got you into guitar music. They're not everyone's cup of tea but they're mustard in our eyes. They were never shy about their influences, so that's how most of us got into The Beatles, The Stones, etc. Once your into that 60s sound you start discovering all sorts of bands, The Nuggets album (a collection of rare 60s garage tracks) is like a bible to us. 

house in the sand: Is your taste in music inspired by your families?

The Castellers: It will have been different for all the lads in the band but I think we've found our own way into our musical tastes. 

house in the sand: What kinds of people would you like to listen to your music?

The Castellers: Really doesn't matter. It's just as satisfying when someone who was around when the 60s British Invasion scene was kicking about, is into our tracks, as when a 15 year old kid says they're diggin it. If you can hear one of our tracks & get something out of it, that's gold for us. It's what it's all about. 

house in the sand: Four guys – one rock band … What are your gigs like? What can fans expect live?

The Castellers: It's five guys now, Ryan, Russell, Paul, Niel & Kieran. The live side of it is growing & we're getting towards where we want to be as a live band. We're not doing star jumps & flying kicks onstage, leave that to fucking Green Day. Basically you'll see five, devastatingly well dressed lads, who are really into the music they're playing. There's a real good energy when we play, but I suppose everyone says that. We're currently playing our first set of gigs, so it is a work in progress, a fucking good one though. 
house in the sand: And what do The Castellers do when they don’t play music?

The Castellers: Writing new material or down a Public House. We're all into football; Everton, Sheffield Wednesday, Manchester United & Liverpool are the clubs that the individual band members direct their affection. 

house in the sand: What albums have you been listening to lately?
The Castellers: Not bought a new album in a while. Definitely Maybe, Rubber Soul, Nuggets, Ogdens Nut Gone Flake are a few. We're all really into Temples at the moment, really looking forward to their album coming out & we're going to see them in Sheffield this October. Paul's very much into Tame Impala. 

house in the sand: Simple but difficult: what is Rock’n’Roll?
The Castellers: An addiction. 

house in the sand: Let’s talk a bit about the future: are the any plans?

The Castellers: Recording a new track at the moment, 'Thousand Yard Stare'. We're excited about that one. After that we're playing Tramlines Festival in Sheffield, planning on more recording & releasing an EP at some point. We're after management & then a credible label, so that's what we're working towards. 

house in the sand: Please complete the following sentence: We are The Castellers and we…
The Castellers: ...don't like Green Day. 

house in the sand: Is there anything else you would like the house in the sand readers to know?

The Castellers: Unsigned bands & artists won't ever get anywhere without the support of the people who keep a delicate ear to the ground. These are the enlightened souls. Also I'd like someone to know who knicked our drums last year, because someone's due a hiding.  

And now that you know how cool these guys are have a listen:

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