Get To Know: Tingle In The Netherlands

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I got another band for you which you might enjoy listening to,
Tingle In The Netherlands from the UK.
But since we all don't know that yet, keep on reading, find out about the members and listen to their tracks which are linked below.

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Who are you? 
Owen: I was born in Belgium of British parents and lived there until I was nearly 18, when I came to the UK. I’ve lived all over the UK, and have lived south of Manchester (where I moved to be with Helên) for over 4 years. In terms of nationality I consider myself a world citizen, as Ryuichi Sakamoto described it an ‘outernationalist’. I do all of the synth programming and production for Tingle In The Netherlands as well as vocals and lyrics on some tracks. I wrote all the music and words for the track ‘Mammals’.

Helên Thomas: Vocals. I writes most, but not all, lyrics and come up with vocal melodies and harmonies. Born and brought up in a village in Cheshire, about half way between Liverpool and Manchester, UK.

How would you describe your music?
We describe our music as being absurdist synthpop. We don’t have a specific musical or lyrical brief, or work within a genre. So there’s disco in there, electro, dance, coldwave, EDM, experimental and the lyrics range from poetic to surreal to rude and silly. But somehow it all ends up sounding like Tingle In The Netherlands.
Others have described us as being reminiscent of Kraftwerk, Ladytron, The Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode but with a sense of humour. We’re still waiting for Depeche Mode to get in touch to tell us that they DO have a sense of humour!

What does music mean to you?
Helên: Tingle In The Netherlands has been a pleasant surprise as it came about almost by accident. Without being too big headed I can honestly say that I like the songs and would buy the music if we hadn’t made it ourselves so I’m quite proud of what we’ve created. Because we’re a couple it’s especially nice to be working with one another. We’re both creative people and creativity is very important to both of us. So, to be doing something you love with the person you love is great. We also have a laugh and lots of fun coming up with ideas for tracks – it’s fun so that’s why we do it.
Owen: It’s one of the main things in my life, my primary means of non verbal expression and a means for me to create beauty (or interesting dissonance) around myself which will hopefully also be of interest to others. What attracts me to music is that it’s simultaneously the most direct and most abstract art form, it’s very powerful. There is a directness to music, it’s art you can feel.

Is there a reason you started making music?
Owen: I used to draw and make things all the time as a child and knew I wanted to be an artist at an early age. I developed a strong interest in music in my early teens which eventually revealed an aptitude and talent. As I said above, music is both the most direct and most abstract art form which is what attracts me to it over visual art (which I also do). And I wanted to be a pop star.
Helên: Originally we had an idea that Owen would compose some ambient music to accompany some spoken word poetry of mine, then we had some ideas for some silly / comedy songs that we wanted to do. Originally Tingle In The Netherlands was going to be an outlet for our stupid stuff, but as we composed more songs we began to take it more seriously as a musical project, especially after we got some good feedback from musicians that we know who encouraged us to do more.

What have you released so far? What have you coming up?

In 2010 we released an 5 track EP called ‘Prostitute’s Handbag’ which included our original version of the song along with a remix by the band Atomizer.
 In 2013 we released our album ‘Why Can’t You Write Something Nice For A Change?’ which includes most of the tracks from the EP which has now been discontinued. We have also re-released a 3 track download ‘single’ of ‘Prostitute’s Handbag’ which includes tracks from the EP that aren’t on the album. You can name your price or download the single from our Bandcamp Page.

We have lots of ideas for new songs and will probably release an EP followed by an album at some point in the future. Before that, we will be recording an EP in collaboration with our label mate Tim Wilson aka Seedhill Bruiser. He has created some music that has more of a ‘dance’ feel to it than his usual folk sound and we will be adding some music to that as well as lyrics and vocals by Helên.
As we are not a live band we will be making videos, and Owen is currently working on a solo project.


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    1. You're totally welcome,Helên. I'm happy you like it! x


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