Introducing: Dats Muzik

'Join the European revolution. Dats Muzik creates your feature for you!'

Hey guys,
as I already announced on Twitter and Facebook I am going to do a little series throughout July to introduce you to some great music related websites.
There are four websites I want to spread the word about means one new "Introducing:" post each week.

I'm going to start off with a website called Dats Muzik.

Dats Muzik has put its own twist on pages like MySpace and Facebook.

Artists and bands can get their own info page created. A profile that will help you to get more "out there" and get the recognition you deserve.

The page has been going since 2008 and won't stop any time soon.
Dats Muzik writes reviews, promotes and features every genre you can imagine.
Exactly like I do it over here, the people from Dats Muzik are not just business partners with their clients but friends and care about them.

Here's an overview of the possible features:

Full page
½ page
¼ page

up to 650 words of bio
up to 250 words of bio
up to 100 words of bio
9 (or more) pictures
up to 4 pictures
1 picture
up to 6 songs (or videos)
up to 3 songs (or videos)
1 song (or video)
5 weblinks
3 weblinks
1 weblink
online promotion for 3 days
online promotion for 3 days
online promotion for 3 days

As good work needs a bit of time it takes up to 2 weeks to get the page created.

Have a look at a bands pages I have already worked with - The Unassited:
(click picture)

Full page artist: Lisa Redford is an acoustic, American folk solo artists who has been mentioned by The New York Examiner, 
Maverick Magazine and been described by BBC DJ Bob Harris to name a few and her music is selling via ITunes.

1/2 page artist: Unsung Lilly are still going strong! They had performed at a prestigious charity event 'London Rocks' at Cafe De Paris, 
performed with Jools Holland and too 25, 000 people at Belfast Pride. There music is selling via ITunes.

Dats Muzik would love more artists and bands for our pages. As you can see Dats Muzik has well established up &
coming artists from all around the world, playing different genres of music, so the more the merrier. 
As The Unassisted said: 
'Nice little feature of our band on here. Yeah man Join the revolution. Onwards and 

Lisa Redford said:
 'Brand new European feature! Many thanks to Dats Muzik.'

Visit the website or email for more information.

Dats Muzik links:

I hope you find this post useful and might consider working with Dats Muzik to get a bigger audience.
Wishing you all the best of luck!

Vanessa x


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