Get To Know: Ambrose Chappel & iKashflo

Hey guys,
today I've got two cool guys in the "Get To Know" section.
Ambrose Chappel and iKashflo answered my basic questions.

For your information, Ambrose Chappel and iKashflo have been working together on some collaborations you can listen to down below.

Get to know them first:

Who are you?
Ambrose Chappel: Producer of Hip Hop and Electro, Remixer, special FXer, maker of smiles and funky sounds from Liverpool in the north of good old Blighty.

The Infamous iKashflo: Rapper, lyricist, flo provider from Atlanta Georgia USA.

How would you describe your music?
Ambrose: Danceable hip hop with a dirty but loveable cheeky electro edge.  Hip hop usually makes your head bounce but our music makes you bounce all over.  The music is all party themed starting from "Da Mornin" all the way to "Friday night"...its like the lyrical electro journey throughout the day, like a soundtrack to the weekend. 

What does music mean to you?
Ambrose: Music makes the world go round, music is culture and the provider of an individuals identity. It is also your personal soundtrack to the film of your life. When you are sad it makes you happy, sometimes it can make you worse and vice versa. 

iKashflo: Music is the expression of my feelings about things that I went through or still going through. Music is an escape for me. No matter whats going on I can tune into some music and be carefree.

Is there any reason you started making music?
Ambrose: To express myself and to keep myself entertained.  I can sit in front of my keyboard for hours and hours and days and days..but its when you get that secret chord, when you are finally happy with a tune, thats what I chase, I love that feeling.

What have you released so far? What have you coming up?
Ambrose: iKashflo and I have released a single together "Da Mornin" with "Tighten up" as the B-side which has been successful.  We now have almost enough material to release our debut album which will be a mix of our collaborations and some of my individual funkyness and I know iKashflo is releasing some solo stuff too. 

iKashflo: So far I've released the POWER album as iKashFlo which features Ambrose Chappel and myself together on 5 songs. Our collaboration together something all the way awesome. People all around the world will feel our music. 

Now here are some tunes:

I hope you enjoyed this little talk!


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  1. I've been following Ambrose Chappel from the beginning on Sound Cloud, his beat are a work of art. When he added lyrics from The Infamous Kashflo I just knew this was the start for Ambrose. Take the world by storm lads. I'm your number 1 fan...


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