Keep believing.

Hey you guys, 

I really want you to do what the picture on top says. One of my biggest dreams just became reality and it probably wouldn't have if I didn't believe in it. There have been a lot of people telling me it's impossible - but now I can tell them that it isn't. And honestly - I'm so proud. There was that moment where I wanted to give up and not carry on, but I didn't. 

I really hope I can tell you guys what exactly it is very soon, but for now it's my little secret that I'm only sharing with a few people. 

I might be repeating myself because I'm talking about dreams all the time, but for me dreams are what life is about. : ) 

x - Vanessa.


  1. So proud of you :) <3

    xx, Seija

    1. Thank you so much darling!
      But I'm proud of you, too. <3


  2. Belive in your dreams ... so they come true one day :)


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