The beauty of (blogger) life.

Hey guys,

I'm sorry for this little blogging break. I was very busy the last few days.

I definitely think that right now it's time for me to thank you guys again. Your support and feedback about the blog is sooo amazing. I can't tell you how happy I am when I read your nice words or just see that you actually visit my blog. I still remember how happy I was when my blog reached 100 clicks - right now it's far over 2000 clicks. 
You probably don't know how happy I am because you are reading those words right now. Please feel hugged! : )

I also want to thank Jim, Ryan, Martin, James and Dan for supporting my little baby blog by being super nice and keeping me blogging with their words. I don't know if I would still own this blog if they weren't there to comfort me with wonderful words.
I honestly don't know if any of you is reading this - but if you do - thank you so much. : )

So I hope I don't bore you guys with my endless thank yous but I just feel like I can't give you back what you give to me. 
My "house in the sand" definitely became a part of my life. Even though I have experienced bad things on here, the wonderful moments are in the majority. 

Thank you thank you thank you.  :) 


x Vanessa.


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