Smile. :)

Hey guys,

right now the weather in Germany (at least where I live) isn't that nice. The sky is grey and it's kind of depressing. But days like this don't get my mood down or anything, but I admit that I look out for funny things more than on sunny days. You probably wonder what kind of funny things I look out for.. well, funny things done by people I like. 
Today I feel like sharing something funny I just came across again. This video totally makes me laugh whenever I watch it. Yeah, probably because I like the guys in the video, but I'm pretty sure that you will laugh too.

So give it a chance and smiiiiiile. 

have you watched the video? If Martin and James made you smile, why don't you make them smile?
Go to their Facebook page and maybe we will get a 20,000 likes video soon.

x - Vanessa.


Let me know what you think! :)