Hey guys,
today is a special day: one year I got my cat Melody. : )
I am sooo in love with my little darling and it feels so amazing to know she's been here for a year now. When I got her she was 6 weeks old, so it's been a blessing to watch her grow. 
She did not only grow big, but to she also grew to a beautiful cat. : ) I love it when people see her and go all like "whoa - such a beautiful cat." Yes, I'm a proud mama. :D

The really cool thing is that she also loves my dog. They're somehow like an old couple. 

To show you how much she changed in this year I will post a picture from the very first day I got her (which was one year ago) and a picture from today. 

June 27th 2011

June 27th 2012

Happy first anniversary,  Melody! : )

x - Vanessa. 


Let me know what you think! :)