Jim Kroft.

Hey guys,

today I want to introduce you one of my very favorite musicians - Jim Kroft. I got to know him this year while he was the support act of Martin and James. I was really suprised how one guy with his guitar could entertain a whole crowd that much. 

In my opinion Jim is the perfect example for every musician who just started to get themself a name. He keeps going no matter what. I think that's just inspiring, because you have to keep working for your dream even if it's probably the hardest thing to do. Handmade music doesn't always get all the fame it deserves, but if you keep on doing your thing you will see that it pays off. 
Jim is such a talented man who deserves so much more and I really hope to watch him grow bigger every day. You know I haven't been there from the start to support him, but I think I will keep watching and supporting his career until the very end. 
Especially his song "The Jailer" has changed a big part of my life. The lyrics says "Yes I'm searching, still I'm searching. Doing the best or the best I can." and as Jim once told me - that's all you can do. You know, you don't have to be perfect, you don't have to over work yourself - just do things as good as you can. 

I have so much respect for Jim because he always talks to his fans. If you message him on Twitter or Facebook you know you will get an answer no matter what. People who know me probably already know how much I love artists who care about their fans. :) 
And Jim is definitely the funniest and most inspiring person to talk to.

Ok, I hope I could tell you the most important things about Jim and I hope you will check him out. I will post a few links down below. :)

x - Vanessa. 


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