Hey guys,

today is a kind of "blog about what's on my mind" blogpost. 

Ok, lately I've been talking a lot to a good friend of mine that I haven't talked to in a while. I really missed him a lot and now talking to him again really makes me happy because I know that I can trust him.

Also my blog got tons of clicks lately and a lot of great feedback. And for that I really have to thank you guys a lot! Without you blogging would be just half as much fun as it is now. :) I started blogging just two months ago and this blog has brought soooo much happiness into my life. 
I probably have to mention Jim Kroft and Dan Dietrich too! Their feedback about the blogpost I wrote about them has made me so incredibly happy. 
So Jim and Dan - if you are reading this - THANK YOU. :)

The bracelets for Martin and James also arrived and I can finally start sending them to the fans. :) And actually in one month I can surprise M&J with the bracelets. Ok, it actually wont be a surprise because they already know that they'll get one - buuuuut they don't know how wonderful they turned out. 

Now some of you might know that my finals start next week. I'm not that nervous yet, but of course I want to do my best so I'm studying a lot these days.

I also realized that making other people happy is probably the most wonderful thing in life. :) 

And I can't wait to see M&J in 30 days and JK in 41 days. :) Get ready for me, dear Scotts! ;)

Ok, that was probably enough random stuff for you guys, so .. I'll see you next time ;)

x - Vanessa.


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