EP Review: 'Revolution' by The Unassisted

Band: The Unassisted
Title: Revolution
Genre: Indie-rock
Label: independent
Release: 18th April 2014
hits rating: 7/10

Hey guys,

Those bands you've known since you first started blogging are quite special. Especially when you're still in touch and still work together. 

The Unassited are one of the first bands I featured and they are still following the blog which is amazing.
The band from Manchester, England consists of Jason (guitar, vocals), Mark (bass, guitar) and Chris (drums). 

Jason got in touch again asking if I'd like to review their EP 'Revolution' which is out now and of course I did not turn that offer down.
So here we go!

1) Revolution
2) Everything
3) Hands Dance Hands
4) Back To Bass
5) Alone

Raw guitars, forward marching drum beats form a rather kick-ass atmosphere which totally fits the whole theme of the EP - revolution. The attitude gives the songs grip and makes them stand out.
You did not expect a lovely ballad, did you?

And even though it gets a little slower for 'Everything', the indie-rock influence is still super present. The rather catchy riffs duet with the vocal arrangements and absolutely compliment each other.

Third track on the EP 'Hands Dance Hands' had me confused with its title at first, to be completely honest with you. Nonetheless it's a brilliant song which not only gets hands dancing but your whole booty shakin'.
The more you listen to The Unassisted, the more you'll get familiar with their signature sound. Please don't get me wrong - it's neither tiring nor repetetive, it just shows that the band knows what works for them, and that's a bonus.

Deep and expressive vocals, raw guitars, energetic drum beats and of course, the bass which invites you to move.

To sum it up: At times mysterious, at times danceable and always on the point. The Unassisted Army can be proud!

You should listen to these tracks: Everything, Hands Dance Hands, Back To Bass

The Unassisted online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Youtube

Thanks for reading! : )

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Artwork: The Unassisted


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