EP Review: 'The Future Is Amazing' by Fashion Week


Band: Fashion Week
Title: The Future Is Amazing
Genre: Indie
Label: Independent
Release: 28th April 2014
hits rating: 7,5/10

Hey guys, 

A little while ago I had a pretty blonde moment. (No offense!)
I got an email with the topic saying 'Fashion Week'.
My thoughts?
"Oh but I'm a music blogger. Why would they invite me to Fashion Week?"

Needless to say it wasn't a invitation but a music submission.
Needless to say I felt very stupid afterwards.

Fashion Week is a four piece indie band from Columbus, USA consisting of:
Jason Turner
Tyler Earnest
Andrew Lee
Joshua Miller

Formed in 2012 they have already put out two EPs, the second one 'The Future Is Amazing' is what I'll talk about today.

1) Alabaster Baby
2) Let's Play House
3) Footsteps In The Hall
4) Nellcote
5) I Expect To Live Forever

Starting off with 'Alabaster Baby' the band represents a slighty dreamy, yet still very indie sound. A forward marching drum beat leads the track and is accompanied by lively guitar elements that get their time to shine towards the end.

'Let's Play House' is under control of unique vocals you just want to listen to. A slightly mysterious guitar riff frames the song and still leaves you enough space to breathe - until the big bang kicks in. Halfway through the song the calm atmosphere turns into an energetic rock track.
Just as fast as it turned into an upbeat song, the last few lines get calm again to finish the song and leave you wanting more.

A track that stands out in my opinion is 'Nellcote', a melodic master piece that just catches your attention from the first until the very last chord.
The chorus is most likely to get stuck in your head and stay in there for a while.

To sum it up: Fashion Week created a brilliant EP which is interesting in so many aspects. Not just the usual indie sound makes it worth listening but the variety of genre influences blended with the band's very own style.
Fashion Week is definitely a band to keep an eye and ear on.

You should listen to these tracks: Let's Play House, Nellcote

Fashion Week online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Artwork: Fashion Week (press kit)


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