Monthly Review: April 2014

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Hey guys,

Yes, the monthly reviews are back! After ages I realized I haven't done such posts for... well, ages.
If you are not familiar with my monthly reviews - I basically review the last month by listing all artists I've worked with and mentioning things I loved. 
It's a simple thing but I like it.

First of all - how is April already over? It's May now and that's crazy. But exciting. I can almost smell Summer! :)

Anyways let's get started!

Artists who were featured on house in the sand:
Getting to know some of my wonderful readers
Seeing people being successful who absolutely deserve it
You guys breaking the monthly page views record, once again 

Blogs I loved:
Joy Dana's blog, a brilliant concert photographer
I'm repeating myself but I loved everything on A Beautiful Mess
My good friend Nessi created a new feature on her blog, it's fantastic

Items that made me happy:
 My camera (the Canon 70D for all camera geeks)
The amount of good music I was sent

Songs I loved:
'Nellcote' by Fashion Week
'W.A.R' by The Arkanes
'In The Mourning' by Paramore
'Pen Y Fan' by Winter In Toronto
'You'll Be Gone, I'll Be Here' by Martin and James
'Face That's Seen It All' by Keeva

 What I'm looking forward to in May:
Flying to Berlin. (hashtag excited)

And that's about it. I hope you enjoyed looking back on April which was a quite lovely month in my opinion.

Thank you for deciding to read this post. It means a lot to me.

Credits: Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske


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