Album Review: 'You' by Of Clocks And Clouds

Band: Of Clocks And Clouds
Title: You
Genre: Electronic rock
Label: independent
Release: 13th May 2014
hits rating: 7,5/10

Hey guys,

Most of the artists who send me an email ask for reviews.
That's a fact.

Since I like to keep things lively on the blog I don't post review after review (even though I could).
But today I'd like to share my thoughts on an electronic rock album with you.

The band Of Clocks And Clouds just recently released their debut album called 'You'.

Of Clocks And Clouds is actually an alternative/electronic rock duo from Brooklyn, USA.
The two man show consists of:
Joe Salgo (vocals, guitars, synths, bass)
Ross Procaccio (drums, ambient guitars, backing vocals)

And now, let's talk about the album!

1) Burn A Hole In The Sky
2) Your Love Will Be My End
3) What You Need
4) Tripping On The Far Side Of The Sun
5) Carry
6) Disaster Medicine
7) What's The Matter
8) Psychic Realms

Opener 'Burn A Hole In The Sky' is a rather electronic instrumental intro. Yeah, really it's electronic. It sounds like what probably the modern life will sound like in let's say 2090 or so.

With 'Your Love Will Be My End' the record starts full instrumental and the band exposes their real sound.
Raw vocals, electrifying guitars, a marching drum beat, mysterious synths - this song has got it all.
Even some howling guitars and chanty backing vocals.
It's an anthem. You'll break out into an air guitar solo towards the end and fully enjoy this song if you're into heavier rock stuff mixed with refreshing electronic vibes.

You know, sometimes "more is more" and that's what the Brooklyn duo went for - massive sounds, stripped down at times but mostly the instrumentals stay huge.

Singer Joe's vocal ability perfectly fits the rock sound and works well with it.

'What's The Matter?' is another track that's slightly more on the electronic side of the album.
Layered vocals, interesting and lively synths and a brilliant beat.

 To sum it up: A thoroughly enjoyable record with slight retro touches, well produced tracks and a lot of energy to it.
It might take one or two listens to get into it but afterwards you'll dig it.

You should listen to these tracks: Your Love Will Be My End, What's The Matter?

Of Clocks And Clouds online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Thank you for readings!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Artwork: Of Clocks And Clouds


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