Interview: Quinn Archer

Hey guys,

Working with absolutely talented people is what I do basically every day.
It sometimes takes a while and I really have to take some time to go through their music and listen to what those musicians do, but then I just realize what absolute blessing this job is.

Quinn Archer is no exception when it comes to incredibly talented people.
She had me from the first note I heard her sing and well, now here's our interview.

Quinn Archer is a British born singer/songwriter who now resides in Los Angeles, US.
Her sound blends all kinds of genres together; the slightly gothic touch is complimented by her strong, souly and dark voice. Pop and rock elements give a lot of grip to the songs and let them sound more lively.

In the interview Quinn talks about getting into music, living in Los Angeles, performing on the same line up along with Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift and a lot more.

house in the sand: Hey Quinn, how are you? What have you been up to lately?
Quinn: I'm good! I just got back from shooting my first music video in Vancouver which was really exciting and I am now at the final stages of getting my EP ready for release. I don't have an official release date yet but it will be in the next few months.

house in the sand: Can you tell us some bits about how you started making music?
Quinn: I have loved music for as long as I can remember and was in cover bands throughout school but it was after I had left and was determined that this was the path that I wanted to pursue that I started responding to ads for original bands wanting singers and started to write my own material. I think it took me a little while to believe what I was writing was any good but I haven't stopped since.

house in the sand: Do you remember your first time on stage? What was it like?
Quinn: I do! I was singing "Black Velvet" by Alannah Myles at a school event when I was about 13. I remember it being thrilling and terrifying at the same time.

house in the sand: You live in Los Angeles, is that correct? Would you say the city of angels has influenced you in some way?
Quinn: Yes I do live in LA. I love Amercian music and was always told that I had more an American sound (musically) way before I had even the slightest idea that I would end up here. But I have definitely been influenced by many wonderful and inspirational people that I have encountered and worked with since I have been here.

house in the sand: What was your highlight as a musician so far?
Quinn: I would have to say getting to perform on the same lineup as Bon Jovi, James Blunt, Eliza Doolittle, Taylor Swift & Tinie Tempah last year at Kensington Palace was a HUGE highlight.

house in the sand: You were in bands before, how would you say is it different to being a solo act now?
Quinn: It's definitely different! I feel there is slightly more pressure being a solo artists as a lot more decisions fall on your plate and it's a little scarier being judged as an individual. I like the family vibe of being in a band of people with the same goal but I adore all the guys I have playing for me now so there still is that element.

house in the sand: Let's ask a really cruel question: If you could only listen to one record for the rest of your life - which one would it be?
Quinn: Oh god I just can't...

house in the sand: What was the longest it has ever taken you to write a song?
Quinn: Erm well there are definitely still a few unfinished ones lying around so that has yet to be answered accurately. : )

house in the sand: Is there any song by another artist/band you feel really connected to?
Quinn: So so many. And new ones crop up all the time but I feel a bit silly saying what they are as my interpretation of their meaning is probably WAY OFF the intended meaning! Which is one of the amazing things about music...

house in the sand: Which is the first song you'd like somebody who is not familiar with your sound to listen to?
Dark Places

house in the sand: Please complete the following sentence: I am Quinn Archer and I ...
Quinn: ... am "READY TO PARTAAAAAY!!" (I'm sorry if you haven't seen the movie "Bridesmaids")

house in the sand: Quinn, thanks so much for taking time to answer my questions!
Quinn: Thank YOU!

 Quinn Archer online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Thank you for reading! :)

Credits // Text & Questions: Vanessa Jertschewske | Answers: Quinn Archer | Photography: Nate Hoffman


  1. her music is interesting! :)


    1. She's brilliant and I'm really glad you enjoy her music. :) x

  2. Wow. Well it's not a lot but hey I still love her music and I won't stop. And my stalking skills are getting better.

    1. Congrats on that, not everyone can stalk like pro! ;) x

  3. Wow. Well it's not a lot but hey I still love her music and I won't stop. And my stalking skills are getting better.


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