7 tunes you need to hear

 Hey guys,

The amount of music submissions I've been receiving lately has been insane!
It makes me happy to be a person people come up to to show their tunes. It's an honour.

But it's also a bit hard to plan solo features for about 50 artists/bands. It would take 100 days to blog all of them since I blog every other day.
You don't need to be a math genius to figure out that it's just way too long to let people wait to finally appear on your blog.

That's why I decided to throw a few submissions into one blogpost and show case them to you that way.

'Sidewalk Zombies' by The Open Feel

The Open Feel is a dreamy alternative rock band from Los Angeles, US.
Consisting of only Katie Harris (vocals, guitars) and Tom Brayton (bass, drums) the band should be called a duo but due to the full band sound it's definitely right to call The Open Feel a band.

The dreamy alternative rock sound is present on their song 'Sidewalk Zombies'. The title might make you think of some hardcore track but it's really not.
A slightly ambient and definitely dreamy voice meets soft but still expressive instrumentals.
The kind of abrupt end leaves you wanting more.

The Open Feel online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp | YouTube

'March Of The Downtrodden' by Ooberfuse

Ooberfuse are not new to the music scene. And they're definitely not unheard.
The duo from Woolwich, UK plays electro-pop music.
Handpicked by BBC Radio 1's Huw Stephens they recently went on a 20-date UK tour to represent authentic live music.

'March Of The Downtrodden' is a lively yet mysterious electro track with massive pop elements. But that not being the only direction they march into, you'll also find some oriental and dancy influences.

Ooberfuse online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube

'We Called This Home' by Tonight We Live

Tonight We Live are a four piece rock band from Kildare, Ireland.
Headlining Slam Dunk Festival was just one of their highlights. Times are very busy for the band as they're promoting their music and playing more gigs.

With 'We Called This Home' the band created an infectious, moveable and energetic track. The instrumentals soak you in from the very first chord on, the vocals are super enjoyable to listen to and lead the song perfectly.

Tonight We Live online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Youtube

'Howl (Come On!)' by Crash Island

Crash Island are no strangers to house in the sand. I really enjoyed their latest EP so the curiosity was massive when I got an email saying they indie rock band had just released their newest song.

'Howl (Come On!)' is a super fun track that could possibly be the soundtrack for Spring.
Danceable beats and catchy riffs paired with groovy vocals just work so well and set the scene perfectly.
If you're looking for a mood blast - just listen and dance.

Crash Island online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Youtube

'I Told You So' by Dirty Little Lies

When I say this band is one to watch, I'm not telling you dirty little lies.
(Hah, see what I did there?)
The four piece alternative outfit from Birmingham, UK knows how to write and record awesome tunes.

And another big amount of fun is coming your way! 'I Told You So' is a groovy, yet still very rocky and definitely lively track. Brilliant guitar solos and forward marching drum and bass lines just do their jobs to entertain you. The super energetic vocals just top it off.

Dirty Little Lies online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud


'Don't Wanna' by Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs

Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs are a glam rock band from Dallas, US.
Described as 'the glitter punk love child of Alice Cooper and Joan Jett' the expectations are high.

I've been raised with a lot of rock music being played so I guess it's just in my veins.
'Don't Wanna' is a rocking little master piece. Instrumentals are on spot, vocals and backings collide perfectly and just get you. This is sick!

Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

'Bleeding Dry' by Ryan Morcombe

Way too long did I leave Ryan Morcombe on my list of artists to listen to. 
The young singer/songwriter from Scotland is brilliant at what he's doing.
Blending multiple genres he's got his very own sound.

'Bleeding Dry' is probably one of my favourite songs I've heard from Ryan so far. It's athmospheric enough to give it a mysterious touch which is coming from the percussion and guitar parts, it's lively enough to keep you interested and souly enough to soak you in.
Brilliant instrumentals, brilliant vocals. Top stuff!

Ryan Morcombe online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed this variety of different tunes which are all amazing in my opinion and definitely worth listening to.
If you like any of these artists/bands - please go ahead and share this post.
Good music needs to be heard!

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske | Artworks all belong to matching bands/artists


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