Memory lane: Interviews

Hey guys,

As I was just preparing a few interviews I got the idea to bring back some interview memories from the past.

When I first started producing interviews I wanted to have one question I ask every single band/artist I would ever interview.
And until this day it worked pretty well - at least when I do online interviews.

Said question is: Please complete the following sentence: We are/I am [insert band/artist] and we/I

I think this question is awesome to get to know the people by reading just one sentence.
It says a lot about the artists. 

Interviews are always fun and I can't wait for all the amazing stuff we're going to do in the future. I hope you'll be with me for that. :)

And here are the answers of all interviewed artists.
(You can check out the full versions of the interviews by clicking on the artist name!)

Ben Barritt: ... don't get interviewed very often. I hope these answers are ok!

Best Not Broken: ... may not be broken, but we're broke. So please buy our stuff!

Better Looking People With Superior Ideas: ... take our music wayyyyy more serious than we take ourselves.

Boardwalk Isabella: ... are the grooviest rock and roll band in the world.

Bronte Bird: ... hope you've enjoyed reading about me!

Carrie Lane: ... am sweet, but unstoppable.

Claudia Heidegger: ... am a storyteller in my own mind who would like you to invite my music to find a place in your world.

Forever Cult: ... are handsome. 

Go Long (!): ... drink A LOT peppermint tea.

Hey Bulldog: ... are a Rock'n'Roll band.

Joe Symes and The Loving Kind: ... like tea, lots of tea, and biscuits.

Kiirstin Marilyn: ... love animals.

Martin and James: ... hope you like our music!

Michele Fasciano: ... hope to make people fall in love with my music all over the world one day.

Puppet Rebellion: ... have a very specific set of skills which make us a nightmare for people like you...

Richard Walters: ... am a very content and lucky man. Life is good and I am grateful.

Ryan McNeil: ... love living in Germany!

Shoot The Rabbit: ... contrary to popular belief we love rabbits. In fact we like all lovely critters.

The Arkanes: ... will stick in your brain like an audio splinter. Get amongst it.

The Cape Race: ... came to write the music we wanted to hear someone playing. We hope that you like it too.

The Castellers: ... don't like Green Day.

The GoAround: ... love making music more than anything in the world!

The Wild Young Hearts: ... are your new favorite band.

Thomas McConnell: ... am a Singer/Songwriter who was born in Liverpool but grew up in Newcastle and I need The Beatles.

Those Makeshift Heroes: ... are still hungry!

And with that we're through. I'm also quite hungry so I'll be leaving for dinner soon.

I honestly hope you enjoyed it. If you've been there from start and actually remember these answers - feel awesome because I love you.
If you're new feel awesome too because I love you.

Thank you for reading! :)

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Photography: Jana R. | all answers quoted


  1. It somehow made me really happy to see a photo I took on top of this post. And this overview is great because it shows how far you've come! Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you again for letting me use it, of course I'll always give you the credits! :)
      It's really nice to see that, yeah, thank you! xx


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