Spotlight On: The Koniac Net

Hey guys,

The greatest thing about music in my opinion? The fact that it's international. It's a world wide thing.
Name a country where music doesn't exist. 
The greatest thing about the internet?
We can share the music.

As I'm writing this article I'm sitting in my room in a super small town somewhere in the South of Germany.
My blog statistics tell me that my readers are from the UK, the US, China, Italy, Japan and a lot more countries.
And the band I'm introducing today is from India.

The Koniac Net is an indie-alternative rock band from Mumbai, India.
They're sound is compared to bands like Stills, Smashing Pumpkins and Death Cab For Cutie.

The band consists of: 
David Abraham (lead vocals, guitar)
Jason D'Souza (guitar, vocals)
Ishaan Krishna (guitar, vocals)
Adil Kurwa (bass)
Karun Kannampilly (drums)

The band's debut album ("One Last Monsoon") was entirely written and performed by front man David as at that time The Koniac Net was a one man show.
In June 2012 the project turned into a full band and in February 2014 they released their first ever band EP called "Abiogenesis" where all members were involved in.

The meaning behind the band name is absolutely amazing and relatable - here's what David wrote about it:

"I had this name for one of my mix cds I made (when cds were still used). It represents that point in your life (that can happen at any given moment) where you are presented with 2 paths, and even though "Path A," at the time, looks better than the other, for reasons unknown, you are FORCED to take the less appealing "Path B".

Later in life you realise that "Path B" has turned out to be the FAR more fruitful & lucrative trail, while the more appealing choice was in fact a metaphorical net (similar to that of an Angler Fish's protruding fleshy light). It's a name that's been with me for over a decade. It also precipitated during a time in my life where I realised how comforting scotch, whiskey, cognac & Southern Comfort were at trying times."

If you listen to their music you will soon realize how clever the compositions are, how well thought every chords is and how the band just sounds brilliant together.

The thing I love the most about how we keep things at house in the sand is the close contact I keep to the artists and the way I am able to get to know the people behind the music.
Talking to David, who contacted me, was super inspiring. He works really hard for his music and keeps in touch with all of his fans.

It's just so cool how we can become one community and share great music.

The Koniac Net online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Reverbnation 

Thank you for reading! It really makes me happy. :)

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Photography: Parvez Meherhomji - taken from The Koniac Net Facebook


  1. Having met David personally last year when I was I Dehli, I can only emphasize how awesome this guy is. Dave and stayed in contact no matter that we only knew each other for less than a week (at this point, I actually have to thank Facebook) and that we both are from very, very diffenent countries and cultures (Dave from Bombay, myself from Munich). Thanks Vanesse for promoting this great band! Hopefully we will see them here in Germany soon!

    1. I meant Vanessa!! Sorry! Honest typo!

    2. Thank you very much for your comment, Joe! Lovely story so thanks for sharing that with everyone, I've only talked to David a couple of times online but he really seems to be a super nice guy!
      So yes, fingers crossed they'll make it over here. Munich is pretty, by the way! :) x


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