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Hey guys,

as a blogger I always find myself reading articles about other bloggers work, equipment and general tips.
Maybe you find it interesting to see what stuff I use to create the blogposts you read.  Maybe you're a blogger and can take some of this as inspiration.

Either way: I hope you enjoy!

Before you start reading, please keep in mind that in no way I mean to brag about any fancy things I own. I take this whole blogging thing very serious so investing in these things was a personal choice and took a while to save all the bucks. ;)

Laptop. Yes, it's probably the most essential thing because how else would I be able to write posts like this one? I once wrote a post on my old phone while I was on a road trip. That was probably the most awkward post in history of posts. (Sorry blogger app, but you suck!)
It's a Fujitsu laptop but I honestly have no clue which one exactly, but it's brilliant!

MP3 player. As a music blogger it's pretty obvious that I listen to a lot of tunes. I own a ridiculous amount of CDs and they're all stored on my laptop as well. My iPod 5 (the 64GB one) makes it possible to listen to whatever I have to review whenever I want.

Phone. Phoning managers, musicians and other people I work with became a regular thing so a phone is just a must have. Again, I'm sticking with Apple and use the iPhone 5s. It's such a great thing to also answer emails, tweets and update facebook and instagram while being on the road.

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Journals. Besides all this digital stuff there's finally something old school! I just have to have a journal with me to write down ideas, things I need to do or whatever comes to my mind. I also keep one next to my bed because, fun fact!, most of the post you see on here were developed at 2am.

Camera. There's been some kind of evolution of cameras going on in my life, starting with just a normal digital camera. The paths of technology led me to the DSLR way of living.
My first one was the Canon EOS 1100D which was lovely to start out with but with my standarts rising it just didn't do it anymore and I upgraded to my current love, the Canon EOS 70D. I seriously love that one.

Multiple lenses. That's the annoying part of using SLRs. There's basically another lens for everything and there's tons of technical details that can have a dramatic affect and it's confusing to me. I currently own 3 lenses - one for filming (the kit lens 18-55mm), one I use for basically everything (50mm) and a telephoto lens (70-300mm).

Tripod & camera remote. There comes so much stuff along with cameras. Well, it doesn't come along but you have to buy it if you want to take the quality of your content to the next level. A tripod is really useful when shooting video interviews. I own a little table tripod and a large one.
Camera remotes are the alternative to selftimers with a little plus: you don't have to run like mad and be in front of the lens in time. ;)
I am able to connect my phone with my camera and use that as my remote which is awesome because I can access to the camera screen and actually check what I look like.

Microphone. The ones of you who've been around this times last year went through a few really bad audios with me, thanks for that! So my next upgrade will be a microphone for my camera. I say for my camera because I don't want that kind you hold in your hand while taking - because I'd be the first person to accidentally punch people while interviewing them.

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Instant camera. Realistically this is not an essential thing for bloggers at all. But I love polaroid/instant pictures so I got the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. It's so much fun to take pictures with and the reactions from people are usually always priceless. :)

Fun & passion. All of the listed things above are useless if you don't enjoy using them and working with them.
Be passionate about what you do and you're halfway there. I promise!

And that's it! I really hope you enjoyed this kind of behind the scenes post. Please let me know what you think about it and if you would like more like this.

If you're a blogger I would love to see your equipment so either tell me in the comments or post a blogpost about it, yeah? 

 Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske


  1. Really liked this - it's always so interesting to see people's equipments for anything! :)

    1. Super glad to hear you enjoyed it! Thanks for leaving a comment, that's so lovely! x

  2. inspiring! :) i want to get a polaroid too though! hehe :))


    1. Thank you! :) Oh I'm sure you won't regret it. Keep me updated, please! :) x


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