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Hey guys,

It's always a pleasure when artists I've worked with before come back for a second visit at house in the sand.
In fact, it's lovely to when it's not just a one way promo thing but an honest support collaboration.

Mark Mathews is a great example for that kind of working relationship.
We've worked together twice, the second time was for our HITS birthday, check it out here.
And now he's back for an interview!

Mark Mathews is an indie singer/songwriter based in London, UK where you can find him busking on the streets or playing countless gigs.
As the writer of super catchy indie pop songs he's a great artist to listen to. His tunes definitely burn themselves into your brain.

The upcoming release of his song 'London Lives' was the perfect occasion to sit down and chat a bit about the single, the video shoot, London and some more good things.

house in the sand: So Mark, you are about to release your new single 'London Lives' and the matching music video. How does that feel?
Mark: It feels great! I can't wait to get the proper record out there! Some people will know that this song has been kicking around for a while. I've played it live for years and it has been available in a demo form on the "Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride" EP, but now the properly recorded and mastered version is soon to be out there and I couldn't be happier. It's always been a song that people recognise and is a bit of a signature tune, hence why it is always in the live shows. I was recently described as a "Medway Pop Poet" and this song is the absolut antithesis of that quote. So, it felt right that this would be the first single. It kind of feels like I am putting a full stop to the stuff I've been doing for a while and moving forwards. The video even has the old hair cut of mine!

house in the sand: A question that goes along with that - can you tell us any funny stories from the set?
Mark: Oh, there are too many and I should keep most to myself to protect the innocent! Essentially, drinking heavily was encouraged so as we got a real party atmosphere on film. However, this meant that we had a lot of casualties and people literally falling on the floor...a lot of this had to be cut from the final edit!!!

house in the sand: Also, a lot of your friends were involved, do you think that changed the whole shooting experience?
Mark: Oh for sure! The video is meant to portray a night out and what better way to show that than getting your mates involved and feeding them loads of booze?! Also, I don't get to see my mates as much as I'd like because I'm so busy, so this was a great way of killing them two birds with one huge stone.

house in the sand: The song is about busy and lively London. Where is your favourite spot in London?
Mark: Camden Town. It's where I first lived in London, it's the inspiration of a lot of 'London Lives' and it never ceases to be fun and alive to me. I do a lot of gigs in Camden and I am always happy to be back amongst it.

house in the sand:  You have performed that song for our second birthday earlier this year, thanks again! Is there a version your prefer? The acoustic one or the full istrumental, official one?
Mark: The official one is mega! It is how it is meant to sound and how it was in my head when I wrote it. That said though, the song, like all my songs, is written first on just an acoustic guitar and it is a song that lends itself well to being stripped down. A song has to work acoustically first. If not, no amount of bells and whistles will hide a shit song.

house in the sand: Your favourite song to play live is?
Mark: Oooh, good one! Well, it is between three: 'London Lives' is definitely up there because people know it and love it and it's just a classic tune to play. However, the songs 'Flaked Out' and 'Hard Foot Blues' from my 2012 EP 'Moments and Movements' always get peoples attention and have them dancing away. I think people expect a certain sound from me when I take to the stage with an acoustic guitar, so when I open with these tracks and start making a huge noise, singing lines like "I hope you drown at sea", people are shocked and excited. They kind of smash peoples expectations into smithereens and I love that!

house in the sand: Which song do you catch yourself dancing to every once in a while?
Mark: Hall and Oates - 'You Make My Dreams'. Every time!

house in the sand: What else can we expect in the future?
Mark: Well, once promotion for this single is done I'll pretty much be onto the next release. I start shooting the music video in the music video in the next week and I am also having a documentary made about the lead up to the 'London Lives' Release, so that'll be out soon. Other than that, loads of gigs, loads of busking and whatever else the universe wants to chuck my way.

house in the sand: Please complete the following sentence: I am Mark Mathews and I ...
Mark: ... am apparently a Medway Pop Poet!

house in the sand: Thanks so much for answering those questions! We're all really excited for the video and everything else you've got coming up.
Mark: It is always a pleasure to be back with house in the sand!

That's it for the interview.
Since the video is not out yet and is still a top secret thing - I'm not able to show you what we talked about, BUT here is some behind the scenes footage from the shoot!

Mark Mathews online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Youtube

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text & Questions: Vanessa Jertschewske | Photography & Answers: Mark Mathews


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