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 Hey guys,

The last article which featured multiple song tips got some wonderful feedback, that's why I decided to writer another one of those.

This time I want to put the spotlight on six brilliant rock bands which asked me to write about them.
I always try to be open for every genre and I don't think you can be happy by just listening to one single genre. At least I couldn't.
But I admit, rock music has been with me for years and I really got a thing for raw guitar riffs, marching drum beats and basslines and expressive vocals.

Personally, I absolutely enjoy each and every single song you'll find in the post, so I'm really asking you to take some time to listen.

Polar Maps

Polar Maps are a young indie rock band from Isle Of Wight (UK).
The three piece consists of Guy, Daryl and Joe.

Formed in 2013 and signed to Grockle Hunt Records the band already has some brilliant tunes out, such as "Stay Here With Me" - a melodic, fresh yet still very passionate and honest song.
My hunch tells me they're absolutely fantastic playing live.
(Just kidding- it's not my hunch, it's this video they recorded for the killer music blog "amusicblogyea?")
Definitely a band to watch!

Polar Maps online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

 The Vibes

Ok, I'd love to start this introduction with some kind of intelligent joke.
So here we go:
This next band really has some cool vibes. They're called The Vibes.
(hahahaha - no)

The band is the complete opposite of my joke! Don't worry!
It seems like people from Liverpool (UK) know how to rock because hell, The Vibes rock.
Formed in April 2013 the unsigned band has already released two EPs ("EP" & "Dust Trail EP") and built a supportive local fan base.
The Vibes are: Darran McGrath (rhythm, vocals), Mike Jones (lead, vocals), Duncan Morrison (bass) and Steven McCarroll (drums). Each member brings different influences to the group which creates a wide ranging sound which is still absolutely rock focused.

The Vibes online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Billy Moon

Ok, who of you has ever done some research? I'm sure you all had to do it before, right?
I basically have to do it every day before I start writing these articles.
It's quite exhausting, but always worth it when you find all needed facts and details.

But it gets frustrating when there's not much to find.
I'm telling you this because I think it's impossible to find a lot about Billy Moon.
All I know is that it is a rock'n'roll duo from Hamilton (Canada), consisting of Graham and Patrick.

The rest, exept their music, is a mystery. 
I hope you all agree with me when I say - it's all about the music.
Just have a listen!

Billy Moon online: Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp

Ballerina Black

With a wide range of influences Ballerina Black's sound is more than just rock.
Ballerina Black are Bobby Moynahm (vocals, guitar), Esli Sugich (bass, guitar), Scott Eton (keys, guitar) and Romeo Mandoza (drums).

The sound created varies somewhere between new wave, grunge, pop and dark rock.
Formed in 2007 the band already has a lot of material out there and the guys have definitely found their sound.
Brilliant stuff!

Ballerina Black online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

The Blue Waves

Influenced and inspired by rock heroes such as Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane, this four piece could be classified as indie rock.
The band from Blackpool (UK) consists of George Edmondson (vocals, guitar), Lewis Irving (lead guitar), Will Easton (bass) and Elliot Gaspar (drums).

Formed in 2013 their sounds already caught a lot of attention for a good reason - it's brilliant!
Listen to their releases and you'll understand why.

Blue Waves online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud


Swansea also brings out some brilliant musicians. I've blogged some people from Swansea before and their music is never a disappointment.
Tusk are a three piece consisting of Chris Noir (guitar, vocals), Jonathan Williams (drums) and Ryan Lloyd (bass, vocals).
Formed in 2011 the connection between the members seems to be perfect and each part of the group works absolutely well together with the others.

Influenced by R.E.M., Dinosaur Jr, The Cure and many more their sound marches in the alternative/grunge direction.

Tusk online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube

And that's it for now.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found a new band to listen to and to support. Each and every single band mentioned here definitely deserves all of your support, so be a nice person and help these passionate musicians.

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text & Header Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske | All artworks and photographs belong to the bands and their crews

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