Sunday activities tag.

Hey guys,

it's the second Sunday of 2013 and I honestly haven't changed my opinion on Sundays yet. I mean.. they're just a kind of day off where hardly no one knows what to do. 

That's what gave me the idea to create this little tag. But unlike other tags I don't want you to answer questions.
 I want you to post about your Sunday: 
Just take pictures of whatever your doing, even if you think it's totally boring. It might be boring, but come on - no one of us is going dragon hunting on Sundays, right?
So just document your Sunday and post the pictures.

There are not many rules for this tag:
- Tell your readers who invented this tag (yes, I want to be famous)
- Mention who tagged you
- Tag at least 7 more people and let them know
- And post your Sunday activities! ;)

Of course as the inventor of the tag (well at least I think I am - please tell me if someone already did this!) I am going post my Sunday adventures / activities in pictures.

Not only a Sunday activity but an everyday thing: playing with my little love.

Redecorating my room with lots of glittery things, a typical thing for me to do on Sundays.

Jamming to One Direction like there's no tomorrow.

Nothing is better than writing songs. 

Green tea in the cutest cup ever and lots of shortbread.

Dimmed light, christmas lights and candles which smell like lemon cake - greatest way to relax.

Going through make-up I'm not using anymore and giving some stuff away. 

Oh, did I mention jamming to One Direction???

My journal = my best friend.

I tag:

but here are a few bloggers I'd love to see doing this tag ;)
- Natsie from Eyelash Wishes
- Debbie from Our Old Homestead
- Rae Abigail from Raellarina
- Maria from The Golden Paillettes
- Vivii from Of Lace And Life
- Rae from Love From Berlin
- Carolyne from The World C
- Breanna from My Beautiful, Crazy Life
- Caline from Calily Caline
- Lisa from Memories Don't Fade Away
- Jana from London Calling
- Rachel from So She Dances

I really hope all of you are going to do this blog because I'm sooo curious what you guys do on your Sundays. ;)

x Vanessa.


  1. Wohoo, thanks for tagging me, dear! :) I got pretty inspired and already made this happen !

    Go check my post out here:

    xo Viivi

    1. Thanks for taking part! :) I loved your post! x

    2. I noticed you're now on bloglovin, so I'm your follower #2 over there ;)

  2. Aww, your little kitty is so cute ♥ Thanks for tagging me, I'll be sure to post mine next Sunday!! x

  3. I like your blog pretty much, it's kind of varied :)
    Good job :)
    lana :)

  4. Do I save this for next Sunday? Because no pictures from yesterday? :D

    1. Sure, do it whenever you want. Preferably on a Sunday. Haha. :D x

  5. this is a super cool idea! I'd love to see what some of the people tagged ended up posting!

  6. ahhh. thank you for tagging me here dear!! I'll do this pretty soon. haha. :"> it's so cute how addicted you are to the one direction. i can feel you fangirling! hihi :))

    1. I can't wait to read it! :) And uhm .. yeah .. I'm pretty obsessed with them... x

  7. this is an extremely darling post and a very cute idea. thanks for the tag. hopefully i will be able to do it this weekend :) love your kitty and it's great that you journal. journaling can be so therapeutic and creative. is yours more of a space for art or personal thoughts?
    xx rae

    1. Thank you for those sweet words! :) Take your time with the tag. :)
      I love journaling and my journal is filled with everything, sometimes it's art, sometimes thoughts. :)

  8. Love ur blog :)

  9. On Sundays I just love to hang around the house, on the couch watching TV and milk and cookies...those shortbreads look so inviting:) I am now following you on GFC, I hope you will follow me back.

  10. These photos are so cute, looks so fun!
    I love Sundays :)
    Great blog too ;)


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