Life is a roller coaster.

Hey guys,

today I want to give you all an advice: throw people who are no good for you out of your life and never let them in again. 
To some of you this might sound really strange but honestly it's the only right thing to do. In your life you will meet a lot of people. What you don't know when you first say hello to them is how long they will stay in your life. But what I think is worse - you don't see how they will treat you. 

I've been fooled by people I thought they never would even think about hurting me. Of course at the time I got hurt, I didn't think they did that on purpose. So I always give them a second chance. No .. I gave them more than two chances - a world of chances.
Sure, I'm only sixteen and you all can say "what does she know about life?" Good question - what do I know about life? Probably not much. But I know a lot about people, probably still not enough. 

And I also learned about myself. I learned what is good for me, and what isn't. The last few weeks were a pure roller coaster ride - lots of ups and lots of downs. I learned to make the best of the downs and enjoy the ups as much as I can. 
But I learned more than that - I learned to throw out the people that are no good for me and let the good people become a bigger part of my life. I made a cut. There were two girls who were jealous of what I have and who wanted to tear me down by making up rumors. They really made me cry often but no they are no longer in my life and I don't care about what they do and say anymore. 

But like I said - life was a roller coaster for me - that means there aren't only downs, but there are also ups. I figured out who is honestly there for me. And I found people who would do anything to see me smile. And I got to know people who help me with what they do without knowing it and who like me for who I am - not for who I expect myself to be. 

I really wish you have figured out who you can count on. And if there are people who tear you down  - don't cry because of them, make a cut and throw them out of your life. You will feel way better! 
And if you need someone to talk, there's a button on the blog saying "contact", just click and choose a way to talk to me. ;)

x Vanessa.


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