The Mission Of Promotion: Capulet.

Hey guys,

I am super excited about this blogpost. You might wonder why, right? Well.. this is another part of my "the mission of promotion" series which started with Dan Dietrich, an incredible musician. 

With introducing you this next musician I kinda feel like giving you an inside tip and we all would be like those fashion bloggers who already know what's in next year. You know? After this post we will be those music blogger/people who already know what music will be in soon. Why? Because we know this music project:


Alright, let's get into this amazing project. 

Well, I keep saying project, because it's Chris Pate's side project. Chris is the lead singer of The Arkanes (a band from Liverpool). True readers probably remember this name because I have already introduced you a few songs and showed you pictures. 
What I think is pretty impressive, is that Chris works on this project alone. The only helping hand is Tim Gordline, the producer. 

Of course you guys should listen to the songs! I really had a hard time finding the right words to describe the sound. 
You know what? Go and listen to the songs, that's the best thing to do. 

(to listen, just click on the name)

I have talked to Chris on Facebook. (wait - is that "talking" or only "social networking"? .. tough one) Well then .. I have social networked with Chris and he told that none of the songs is released or available to download yet, but they will be soon

Now there are some great things to tell you about the song "C'mon!":

- The song is used by ASOS, the modelling agendy in Australia, USA and UK). 

- And it's in a promotional advertisement for DENON's new prodoct. (a docking station called COCOON)

The advertisement just got filmed and will be available to view in less than a month.

So and now it's your time to check out the songs and like the Facebook page. 

Alright insider people, we are officially the coolest now because we know great music some other people don't. But I think we should change that! So please share the music and support an amazing project! 

Please leave a comment (it's free ;) and everyone can do it, even anons) and in the meantime I'll try to figured out how to make it to Munich to see The Arkanes. May we all be successfull!

x Vanessa.


  1. those songs sound awesome. I'm really looking forward to an official release of them now :)

    1. They do! :) Yeah, I can't wait either :)

      Thanks for your comment, Jana. :)



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