Take care of your pet!

Hey guys,

today I want to blog about something really serious. 
I just watched some TV and there was a report about how people abandon their animals just because they want to go on vacation. I need to talk about this now because most of the people on vacation right now because it's summer.

 Sure, going to another country is amazing, especially in summer. But if you have a pet you have a reponsibility. It was your decision to get the pet so it's your job to take care of it. 
I can probably blog about my own experience. 2007 I got my horse and ever since that day I did not go on vacation. Sure, I've been in Berlin, Paris and London over the years but I went there with school. When I was gone my Mom took care of my horse, but we never left her completely alone. 

But having a pet does not mean you're not able to go away for a week or two. You can find friends that already know your pet and like it and ask them to take care of them while you're gone. Or maybe there is some kind of pet hotel in your city, so bring your pet there. 
But never ever abandon it! 

Can you imagine what your pet would think if you abandon it somewhere? It will think things like: Where is he/she going? Why does he/she leave me alone? Aren't we friends anymore? 

How would you feel if your best friend would leave you alone? Animals can't take care of themselves, they need you. 

Please spread the word about this serious theme and stop people from abandoning their pet. 

Thank you. 

x Vanessa.


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