DIY: Jar of flowers.

Hey guys,

today I have a DIY (Do It Yourself) room decor thingy for you! :) I am so excited about this because it's probably the easiest but sweetest DIY ever. 

I call it the "Jar of flowers" - you will see why. 

Before I get into it - here's what you need:

- a big jar (maybe your grandmother owns one. I got mine at a vintage market for 2 bucks)

- an electric tea light candle (electric because you have to put it in the jar)
- tons of fake flowers in any colors you like or think that match 

Now that you know what you need - let's get started:

1.) First of all you want to clean the jar very well. If you get it from your grandmother or a vintage market it might be a used one, so make sure that it's totally clean. 

2.) Take the flowers and rip off the flower from the peduncle. You will only need the pretty "flower heads". 

3.) Fill the flowers into your jar. You can either fill it up completely, just the bottom or how I did it - fill half of the jar.

4.) Put the electric tea light candle on top of the flowers, close the jar and ...

5.) ... you're done. : )

I think this is a beautiful eye catcher which fits every room and gives it a wonderful and warm touch up. 

I really hope you liked this DIY blogpost. If you're going to create your very own jar of flowers, please let me know. : )

x Vanessa.


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