A wise man once said ...

... "It is a lot easier to hate than to love - and that is why so many people seem to hate."

That wise man is Jim Kroft. Not only a man who inspired me in so many ways, but also a friend. It makes me incredibly happy and proud to call him a friend because Jim is definitely one of the most creative, most poetic and most carrying people I know.
Not only his music is always there to make me smile but so are his words. I honestly stopped counting the times he sent me the most wonderful messages.

The quote I wrote down at the beginning is probably the truest thing ever said. Jim definitely knows how to love and how to show love. And I am so happy to know him, his music and everything else he does. 

I really think that all of you should check him out, here are the links:

Jim is going on support the band Livingston in October - click here for the tour dates: http://www.livingstonmusic.co.uk/wp/?page_id=218 

If you ever get to talk to him (over the internet or in person) you will definitely find out how wonderful he is. 

(a little note to you all - please feel free to comment on my blog. I'd love to talk to you and check out your blog or whatever you do on the internet)

I hope you're going to check out Jim's work and I could help him out with this blogpost as much as he helps me out with his work. 

x - Vanessa.


  1. Thank you for the wonderful support Vanessa! (maybe you were thinking of a different Jim Kroft!) x

    1. Excuse me Sir, who are you? Haha.
      Thank you so much for commenting, that means a lot to me! I'll be there to support you no matter what.


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