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Hey guys,

I was a little unsure what to blog about today so I just decided to write about the wonderful Martin and James. As you know the houseinthesand is named after a line of their song "Wrong Directions". When I first heard them at the Taylor Swift concert that song got stuck in my head immediately.
If you're interested in reading the lyrics or listening to the song - just do it. ;) 
you won't regret it.

I know I've blogged about them a lot and guess what - I won't stop. :D 
Those guys have done so much for me. Their music picks me up whenever I'm down. The lyrics are just incredible and I really wish my songwriting skills where that good. To show you what I mean, take a look at my favorite lyrics:

Bad Dream:
"All has turned to black as my eyes are filled with tears no-one sees." 

You're A Window:
"It's a big world and we can't see it all. It's a big world and sometimes we're too small to see, everything."

Wrong Directions:
"I'll build my house in the sand, until the waves knock it down." 
"Oh no, it's not enough to say I'm sorry."

I Have To Fall:
"Everyday's a new day, needing more work than the last."

Lay This Down:
"Dreams are like fires you hold in your hands, you get burned by it, but you learn from it."

"I'll find it in my head, the weapon of defence pulling me under, guarding me from enemies ahead."

"Fires die out as they burn."

Cynical Skin:
"Half the glass is full and half is empty. No prizes here for guessing which one I see."

What I'm Searching For:
"Never wanted to run, never wanted to hide, never wanted to hurt you."

Ok, honestly I could go on and on and list every song here.. :D But if you're interested in reading more - go here: 

I am not sure if Martin and James actually read this, but if they do - hi Martin. Hi James. : ) thank you for everything, especially for what you've done for me last week. I just don't know how to thank you for that, but I hope supporting you for ever is enough : )

But there is one bad thing about being their fan ... I started to look weird at people who don't have a Scottish accent. :D Haha, but you know what? I can live with that very well : )

If you're on Facebook, please go and like their page: 
They only need a few more likes until they reach 12,000 likes, so feel free to help out and like like like ;)

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost, I really enjoyed writing it ;)

x Vanessa.


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