Hey guys,

today I would love to talk about something that really became a part of my life: being a fan.
I know that might sound strange, but it's the truth.
Being a fan is so much more than just going to concerts screaming your favorite musician/s name like crazy. It's having a connection with someone without knowing them personally. 

As a lot of you know I love going to concerts. But only to concerts of artists I really love and I'm really thankful for. So far I have seen the Jonas Brothers, Rooney, Martin and James, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Bruno Mars in concert (some of them twice).
Going to concerts is not only about enjoying the wonderful music being played live, but it's also about meeting new people.
At almost every show I met wonderful wonderful people. And I'm proud to tell you that I still talk to them after knowing them for months/years. 
I also got to know tons of fans over Twitter, or the fan projects I started for Rooney and Bruno Mars. 

I think we get along that well because we enjoy the same kind of music, support the same musicians and just understand each other when we start fangirling like crazy ;)

To all the fans I met through those wonderful bands/artists - I'm thankful to know you. It's always so much fun to talk to you and I can't wait to meet you (again). 

Now tell me, are you a fan? 

x - Vanessa.


  1. BooyahForBruno5 May 2012 at 19:23

    I am a fan as well, i am a Hooligan! And i'm very thankful to get to know you! I never thought that i will become friends with such a lovely person like you <3 Of course, through your scrapbook project for Bruno Mars i had the chance to write him a nice fan letter. But you know what? E-Mailing with you is even better!

  2. I am sooooo happy to know you! :) You are just wonderful and I can't believe I never met you in person because it just feels like I've known you for years.
    One day we will go to a Bruno concert together!<3
    thank you so much!

    x - Vanessa.

  3. Oh yes, I am a fan. You are one of the people who probably know that best :P


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