Prom dress.

Hey guys,

today's blogpost is going to be fashion related. 
Since I'm currently searching a prom dress I though I should blog about it. It seems like every girl in my class already owns one. I just don't. 
At least I already know what kind of dress I want. The "short at the front - long at the back" kind. But I don't know which color. 
Most of the girls are going to wear a black dress, but I don't feel like wearing a black dress at all. 

So ladies - what color would you wear? You know, I have dark brown hair and my skin is pretty pale. 
I don't really know. 
But here's a dress I actually like a lot. (not in yellow though ;))
Please tell me what you think ;) 

Oh and yes, it was obvious that I love what Demi wears. 

Show me your prom dress. ;)

x - Vanessa.


  1. i'm definitely digging this kind of dress as well (or maxi)! since i wear a lot of black, i wouldn't buy one in black either. and in my opinion, a prom dress should be colorful =) i would go for yellow, blue/turquoise or peach/apricot/orange. i guess all of the colors match our hair color pretty good =)

    xo Ola

  2. Definitely! I mean - it's our prom - not our funeral - right?
    You're right, I think those colors would match perfectly. :) I can't wait to get a good one.

    x - Vanessa.


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