"Dreamers never know what can't be done."

Hey guys,

I found a wonderful quote by Bill Veeck on my Twitter Timeline. Nick Jonas tweeted it a long time ago and someone just retweeted it so I saw it.
Before I talk about it - here's the whole quote:

"I'm for the dreamers. The only really important things in history have been started by the dreamers. They never know what can't be done."                         - Bill Veeck.

I really love this quote because I consider myself as a dreamer. I recently got the weirdest ideas but I believe in them. "If you can imagine it - it can happen" - that's my motto and I can imagine a lot of my ideas very well, so I guess I have to work for them but in the end I will be the one who dreamt, worked and got what I wanted.

Sure there are always some doubts, but the doubts are normal. Even dreamers do have doubts, but dreamers are strong enough to continue anyway and fight for what they dream of. There are also always the people that tell us dreamers that we're crazy and our dreams are impossible - but they aren't. Things are impossible if you think they are, but if you think you can make it - you will.

I don't know about you guys, but I believe in my dreams. Even if it takes years to let them come true. Hopefully you do the same. : )

Keep on dreaming,

x - Vanessa.


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