New Project. : )

Hey guys,

I'm on vacation right now - that means I have enough time to let my creativity go wild. : ) I just got a new idea: I found a nice theme I want you guys to talk about. I want to send this theme/question to as many people as I can and then collect your answer. Probably I will do it via Twitter. 
After collecting your answer I will put them in a new blogpost.
 This project just sounds super interesting because there is one theme to talk about, but a lot of different answers. 

I really hope you will join this project and help me to do something big.

Here is the question: What makes you unique? 

I know this might sound strange to you but I want to create more than just a blogpost. I want you to see that you're beautiful and unique and worthy. So send me your response. Some of you may say "My eyes make me unique." - some may say "my love for music makes me unique." And that's what I would love to see. 

I really really can't wait to hear from you and write the blogpost about your responses. 

Please join ;) 

x - Vanessa.


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