Favorite Stores.

Hey guys,

this is actually the first blogpost that is uploading itself because I'm in London right now. (I love technology for letting me do this.) 
Today I'll tell you something about my favorite sotres - a blogpost that was requested a while ago.

H&M - I do like it a lot. Almost my whole closet is filled with stuff from H&M. But I have to admit that even I think there are some pretty ugly clothes, too.

NanuNana - it's a little store (I think that only exists in Germany) where you can get decoration for a tiny amount of money. I really like it because it's just cozy to walk through. The things you can get there are soo cute. 

MediaMarkt - a store where you can get everything that has to do with technology. I mostly buy CDs and DVDs there. But I also bought my curling iron and my camera there.

DM - the typical German drugstore. The place to get make-up and everything else you need for yourself. I looove it.

Bijou Brigitte - you can get bracelets, necklaces, rings, ... actually any kind of accessoires there. And I love it.

Thalia - the coolest bookstore I know.

Now my question is: what are your favorite stores ?

x- Vanessa.


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