Favourite place in the world.

Hey guys,

today I'm doing the blogpost the winner of the concert picture collection wanted me to blog about. She gave me a few options and I honestly loved every single one. But I've chosen to do a blogpost about my favourite place in the world.

Well since I haven't seen the whole world I definitely can only talk about what I have seen yet. Also my very favourite place in the world would be home, but I think it wouldn't be enough to talk about that.

Soooo my favourite place in the world is the Sacre-Coeur in Paris. I was there in 2009 with my French class from school and I fell for Paris immediately. We visited the Sacre-Coeur at the very end of our Paris tour and guys .. it was magical! 

Being in the church felt so wonderful. The windows, the benches, simply everything is perfect. 

But being in front of it is even better. There are some steps where so many people sit down and just talk, laugh, pray, find hope, sing, dance. It's just magical. Enchanting. Lovely. 

Also you can overview Paris from there. You can see so much of Paris from this place.

So you probably get why I love this place so much. I really hope to get back there soon and soak up the magic again. 

What's your favourite place in the world? :) Please let me know.

x Vanessa.

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  1. TOTALLY AGREE! oh paris paris :)



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