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Hey guys!
 Over the last few months house in the sand turned into a home for even more music lovers than before.
I am absolutely happy and excited about that because it means I'm able to share the brilliant music I get introduced to with even more people.

Just like pretty much every other blogger you can find me on social media. But it's not just me on there; you'll find updates, behind the scenes impressions, you get to be a part of what's yet to happen on this space of web. 

Basically, you'll find out what happens before I get to write about it on here, simply because social media is much faster than writing blogposts.

Also, it's pretty lovely to communicate with you. Feel free to tweet me or message me on Facebook. I'm always up for a little chat and try my best to reply as quick as possible.

house in the sand is on a couple of platforms, yet there are a handful I'd like to introduce you properly, simply because I use them regularly.

(Click the username or image to be see each page!)


Tweets are short, fast and a lovely way to let people know what's going on.
Come over, feel free to tweet me!


Even though a lot of people say negative things about Facebook, I really love it.
If you use it in a clever way, there's not much to worry about.

Facebook allows me to stay in touch with people I don't get to see often and it's a great place to share what's going on in a more detailed way. 


Instagram: houseinthesand


I think it only needs one word to explain why I love Instagram:

Yep, I think that just sums it up perfectly.


 Videos became a massive part of the blog and I really enjoy producing video content for you.
On the HITS channel you'll find exclusive sessions, interviews, tour videos and a lot more.

And that's the four main platforms I focus on, I'd love to see you over there. :)

Thank you for reading!


Credits // Text, house in the sand image: Vanessa Jertschewske 


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