Hey guys!

I'm not even going to apologise for the caps because if I don't use them today, when will I? 

Today my third year of writing this blog is over. 
I don't even know where to start, maybe I'll just try to reflect this journey a bit.

In February 2012 I went to a gig. Martin and James were headlining, Jim Kroft was their support act for the tour and Dan Dietrich happened to be pre-support for two shows. 
If you asked me about my top 3 gigs, this one would be mentioned. 

The four incredibly talented musicians first left me speechless and then made me talk about the gig for ages. Once all of my friends were annoyed by me repeating the story over and over again, I decided to find a new way to let more people know about it.
But how? Google suggested blogging. Google is never wrong. So I created a blog, stole the name from a line of my favourite M&J song and wrote my first post.

And that's how it all started.

During my first year I wrote about pretty much everything that came to my mind, including music, of course. In October I started an online interview series with musicians I absolutely enjoyed. (Hi Martin and James, Dan Dietrich, The Arkanes!)
The interviews and music posts were appreciated by quite a few people and some musicians were interested in being featured. This led to the decision of turning house in the sand into a music blog. 

And now I'm sat in my chair, writing a post about how incredible these three years felt and I feel very lucky that I get to do what I love.
Within the three years of HITS (I still love this coincidence) I got to meet a lot of people, mostly musicians. Seeing talented people doing what they love makes me happy just as much and I'm glad there's a way I can share their music with you.

I would consider myself a very ambitious person and if I want to achieve something, I'll find a way to do it. It makes me so happy to look back on three years of blogging and being able to say that a lot of my goals became real. (I mean... I'm about to go on tour!)

But of course, I couldn't do everything on my own.
A lot of things depend on other people and so does blogging. Everyone can write a blog, which means there are literally millions of blogs you could read. And yet a big amount of wonderful people decides to check out the content I produce on house in the sand. This is pretty much the most wonderful feeling.

I fear words can't describe my gratitude but I'll try anyway - thank you to everyone who has ever decided to read my blog. It means the world to me and I can't wait to tackle bigger things with you during our fourth year of doing this!

I hate thanking a group of people because it always makes it seem like I don't appreciate everyone. (Which is nonsense, I am really thankful for every single reader!!)
But there are a few people I have to thank:
My mum, "my" band The Arkanes and their crew, the Berlin gang and my wonderful (media) friends. Without you, none of this would be possible.

So yeah, I'll have to say it myself - happy birthday, house in  the sand. You'll always be my baby.
(I just sounded like a mum...) (Great...)

This video shows exactly what I mean - the support HITS has gotten over the years never stops to amaze me. So here's a video of all birthday wishes we've received this month:

To watch all performances in full length, click the picture of your desire and the post will be shown:

And that's it for year 3! Wow!
I'm sure there are many more to come and I can't wait for everything that is yet to happen.

Thank you for your continued support, it means the world!

Yours truly,

Credits // Text, Image & Video edit: Vanessa Jertschewske | video snippets created by the musicians


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