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The Birthday Countdown is over, so it's back to the "normal" business on house in the sand.
Once again, thank you to everyone who was part of our one month long birthday party, it was such a pleasure to see your reactions.

Today I'd like to introduce to you properly to one of the acts you've seen during the countdown, John Thacker.

In case you haven't seen his performance yet, click here.

John took the time to answer our "get to know" questions, so read ahead to learn more about a singer/songwriter we should keep an eye and ear on.

Who are you?
I'm John Thacker, a singer/songwriter from Manchester. I've always been writing music and making music, Music is a big passion of mine and couldn't live without it, it somehow manages to capture moments and feelings that can either bring you to tears or jump up and down until the early hours of the morning, and for me that's magic! I'm also an actor and writer when I'm not making music!

How would you describe your music?
I'm all about creating something that either means something or doesn't already exist, otherwise what's the point? My music is very emotion driven, I can only write or perform when I'm feeling inspired about something that I want to express in music! On my new album I have a mix of tracks but that generally fall into the Singer/Songwriter category, however I have some Indie tracks, some more Pop fulled tracks and even some neo soul tracks that I've recorded, so there's something for everyone!

What does music mean to you?
Music for me is expression, just as any art form. It should not be forced, it should just happen, naturally. I remember writing a song called 'The Coffee Shop' off my new album that I literally wrote while sat waiting for a friend in starbucks, it was a moment that felt right. Similiar to another song called 'How' off my album that I wrote while going through a rough period personally feeling lost, and writing the song just felt right, it helped me push through knowing I've created something out of it!

Your guilty pleasure song?
My iPhone is jam packed with tons of guilty pleasure tracks so it's honestly hard to choose, but I simply cannot resist dancing around the house in my dressing gown to Euphoria by Loreen. Not a proud moment.

What have you released so far?
My brand new album 'Hear' is out now on iTunes and Spotify worldwide, I worked on the album for over a year and a half on a off with a bunch of incredible people so I'm really proud of it. There are so many personal songs on the album and every song on the album was created from a personal moment or experience that I wanted to share, check it out! I also have some videos out on YouTube and some collaborations around the web!

What is coming up?
One thing that I'm dieing to do is tour with my new songs, I really want to get some gigs out there and living in Manchester it's the perfect place to do it so watch this space later in the year! I'll be releasing a music video for my lead single 'Fall Down' from my new album, I want to follow this up by more singles in the summer and some more radio play. I also want to do acoustic stuff, that I'll be releasing on Youtube or maybe as a little EP. I have some incredible colloberations coming up later in the year. And I'll be releasing a deluxe edition of my album 'Hear' later on in the year that I already have a bunch of tracks all ready for. Busy busy busy.

 John Thacker online: Twitter | Soundcloud | YouTube 

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Credits // Text intro & questions: Vanessa Jertschewske | Text answers: John Thacker | Image: John Thacker


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