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I think a lot of you will agree with me when I say that interviews are probably some of the most interesting posts.
I love interviewing musicians and learning more about their creative process, their inspiration, their background.

Today I'm happy to present you an interview with Josh Savage.

Josh Savage is a singer/songwriter from Winchester, UK raised in Paris, France.

His sound is often described as a mixture of folk and rock and his musical influences range from Gabrielle Aplin to Saint Raymond to Snow Patrol to Bombay Bicycle Club and Bonobo.

As a child who "sang before he spoke", it was obvious that Josh was going to pursue a music career.

So far he released two EPs by himself; "Mountains In Hurricanes" and "Spaces", both of them received great critics.

In the interview he talks about how starting out singing in a choir led him to being the independent artist he is nowadays, his love for Bonobo, social media, shooting guns and a lot more!

house in the sand: Hi Josh, thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Let's talk about your career: You've been performing in choirs at a very young age. Would you say those performances influenced your current music style?
Josh Savage: Hey! Yes, I guess so. The classical training really helped develop my voice and confidence on stage. I'm really into my melodies so I must have taken that from the songs I was singing in the choirs.

HITS: So far you've released several EPs on your own, you also do you own booking and press work. 
How do you feel about being an independent artist?
Josh: It's bloody hard work but it's great when you see it pay off. I also have three part-time jobs including working at a special needs school to finance the music. I find I end up doing very little of the music side of things sometimes which can be frustrating, but at least you get the freedom to do the music you actually want to write, sing and play.

HITS: Would you say social media plays a big part in your music career?
Josh: Big time. A lot of people complain how the internet is crippling the music industry but I have no idea how independent artists can get heard without it when we don't have the funds that major label companies put into PR. 

HITS: I've noticed you've already done quite a few collaborations with other artists. Who else would you like to work with one day?
Josh: Bonobo is one of my favourite artists, I'd absolutely love to work with him. And I'm just gonna throw this one out there - Mark Ronson. That guy is a genius.

HITS: You grew up in Winchester and Paris. Do you think those cities had an impact on your writing?
Josh: Yes and I've written songs about them. 'Mountains In Hurricanes' is inspired by Winchester's St Catherine's Hill which is the hill the person I wrote the song about would run up when things got too much and 'Lost In Paris' is my back up plan if the music doesn't work out.

HITS: Talking about cities, you seem to be quite a traveller. What items do you always bring with you whilst heading towards new destinations?
Josh: My Kindle, GoPro, honey and trainers - touring tends to be quite unhealthy so I go for a jog when I can. 

HITS: Your newest single 'Bella' has received some great feedback. Can you tell us a bit about the writing and recording process? How long did you work on this song?
Josh: That was a song that just fell out of me. Normally I take a while to write songs but it came to me after a few days. I didn't actually think it was any good until I played it to a few friends and they said I 100% had to release it. It probably would have been one of those ones I write to get out of my system but kept hidden otherwise. I recorded it with producer Julian Simmons who's worked with Ed Sheeran in the past and we got it done in three days amongst some other songs.

HITS: Please complete the following sentence: I am Josh Savage and I...
Josh: ...just shot a gun in Dallas TX.

HITS: If there is anything else you would like the house in the sand readers to know, this is your time!
Josh: I'm looking to do a living room tour around Europe in Autumn, so if anyone would like to host an intimate show to their friends and family, I'm just an email away -

Josh Savage online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube

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Credits // Text & Questions: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Answers: Josh Savage


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