Video Of The Day: "Sirens" by Stephen Langstaff


Hey guys!

As you're reading these lines, I'm on tour with one of my favourite bands to document their first headline tour in Germany. 
I'm probably trying my best to film a nice tour diary at this very minute.

So as you can probably tell, videography is something I'm very passionate about.
I just love how you can 
a) document memories and basically re-live them whenever you want
and b) visualize songs by telling stories with filmed clips

(Of course there are c)s and d)s and z)s why film making is fascinating, but the ones above are the ones I want to focus on.)

Earlier this month I've received an email from Stephen Langstaff, an artist I've enjoyed working with for our Birthday Countdown 2015. (Watch his performance here.)

He released his music video for his new single "Sirens" and I definitely want to share it with you.

Stephen Langstaff is a singer/songwriter from Liverpool, UK.

He writes acoustic pop songs which convince with soothing yet expressive vocals, honest and emotional lyrics and well arranged instrumentals.

His talent speaks for itself, nonetheless some of his achievements should be mentioned:
So far Stephen has supported acts like Lightening Seeds and China Crisis, 
sold out multiple shows in his hometown Liverpool and even BBC Merseyside approves Langstaff's sound.

The music video for "Sirens" is the perfect example for a video which tells a song's story. 
Stephen says about the song: "I wrote a song called "Sirens" about a girl with a bad reputation and a big heart."

And the video exactly reflects his message; it shows a girl who struggles to get along with others, steals, fights, drinks. Stephen's character sees the good in her and tries to protect her and keep her safe.

The camera work is lively, shows all scenes with the certain emotions (fight scenes are a bit blurry, the slightly romantic once are calm) and captures the song perfectly.

But have a look yourself!

(Link leads to iTunes page, download does NOT start without your permission!)

Stephen Langstaff online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & video: Stephen Langstaff


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