Playlist: Spring 2015


Hey guys!

It's the 20th of March! This means it's officially Spring in Germany!
Spring is my favourite season; the cold winter period is over, the flowers start blooming (which is probably my favourite part) and to me it feels like the new year really begins.

Playlist are always so much fun to create because they allow me to put a big variety of genres into one post.

I don't really think my taste in music changes with the seasons but there are some tunes which represent Spring in such perfect manner.
I guess you could say that a light acoustic/folk track works best in Spring, and I agree.
 But I love rock music just as much and I'm a music blogger, so I always need "new" stuff as well.
This means this playlist holds multiple genres, represents multiple feelings and hopefully sounds like Spring.

Long story short - here's my playlist for Spring 2015, I hope you enjoy!

Feel free to press play and read my commentary whilst listening. 

P.s.: some of the songs are downloadable for free - so make sure to look closely.

"Big Bad World" by Kodaline
Recently fell in love with Kodaline's sound. Fantastic vocal and harmony work, brilliant instrumentals and storytelling lyrics. 

"Broken" by Recruits
Keep an eye and ear on this band! So much potential, so many great tunes!

"Hold Back The River" by James Bay
What beautiful song this is! I love when the chorus kicks in, that's when I get the 'Spring vibe' from this song.

"Elisabeth" by The Rose Affair
This was our song of the week just a little while ago, still not over how fantastic this track is.

"Tonight" by Cable Car
"Get out of your comfort zone!", that's what they all say. Alrighty then, here's something I usually don't listen to but still enjoy. 

"Chasing Rubies" by Hudson Taylor
Yeah I know, folk music isn't everyone's cup of tea. But I love some of it. Hudson Taylor do a phenomenal job playing and writing it.

"Fate" by Lowrise
Alright, let's groove a bit. Spring leads to a lot of happy moments which need to be celebrated with some dancing. Here's the perfect music for that.

"Note Alone" by Matt Mure
This song is absolutely well produced and sets such a perfect scene for car rides in Spring.

"Invisible Dance" by Panic Tree
You want more electronic stuff? Here you go! Great beats, absolutely well arranged vocals.

"I Hope You Know" by Tiz McNamara
Spring is also a great time for day dreams. Calm music helps, here's a beautiful ballad.

"Hammer And A Nail" by Vienna Ditto
Some quite dancy song should not be missing on a Spring playlist, should it?

"All I Want" by Kodaline
Kodaline... once again. Couldn't resist.

"Northern Lights" by Ryan O'Reilly
Ryan already enchanted us with his music last month. I'd describe this song as a gorgeous song we all need to listen to in Spring.

"Blame It On Me" by George Ezra
It's a bit groovy, it's a fun, after all - it's Spring!

"Watering Can" by Liza Anne
I was told about Liza a little while ago and instantely loved her sound. This song is my favourite of hers.

"Your Lips" by Josh Savage
Good lord of Spring! We need this!

"Wicked Ones" by Dorothy 
Craving some badass rock tune? Me too. Let's have this one!

"I Hope You Know" by Jim Kroft
Mr Kroft always manages to write song which make me feel understand and comforted. Can't credit him enough for that!

"Terrible Things, Terrible People" by The Cape Race
I've been following this band for quite a few years now and their sound just keeps on getting better.

"The Wire" - HAIM
You know... I like it.

"North North West" by Matt Creer
Amazing use of percussion paired with warm vocals. What else would you need?


Thank you for reading!



Credits // Text & Image: Vanessa Jertschewske


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