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I'm very happy that house in the sand gets to present you music in a rather personal way.
On HITS, I try to get the artists involved, instead of just telling you my opinions.

That way, I think, it's possible for you to get to know the acts in a way you would get to know a friend.I quite like the thought of this.

And the "Get To Know" features are brilliant for that way of introducting new artists to you.
I hope you're as excited as I am!

Let's let Lucie Lynch introduce herself to you!

Who are you?
My name is Lucie Lynch, I am a singer/songwriter originally from Hamburg, Germany. Whilst I was on the road for about 5 years, I wrote most of my songs on beaches, at bus stops or on mountain tops. Each place had a special song to offer.
My travels have taken me to many different places like Corsica, Sardegna, Toscany, Costa de la Luc, Zanzibar, Greece, Australia and New Zealand. Now I am lucky to have my home in Honolulu, Hawaii and still travel the world to share my music.
With my new band "Lucie and the Perfect Wave", I teamed up with two amazingly talented guitarists and each of them has their own, very unique voice. This gives me the opportunity to put down my guitar and let my voice fly free.

How would you describe your music?
This is always a tricky question. I decided to call my music "music for your soul", because I couldn't really define the genre yet. Maybe you take some of Joan Baez, mix it with Feist and add a spoon full of Pearl Jam. What woudl that be? Freak Folk Tender Metal Goodness, maybe.

What does music mean to you?
Music means everything to me. It has its own way to communicate with and without words, it is the shortcut to my heart and it makes me feel.
Music soothes my soul, lifts my mood, takes me on emotional rollercoasters. Music shows me that I am alive, it makes my body move and being moved. I love words so much and love to play little word games, but with music there is something else that flows through me and it is just so magical. I feel very blessed and grateful to have so much music in my life.

Your guilty pleasure song?

This is a funny question and I'm quite ashamed of it. Well, in my early twenties my guilty pleasure song was definitely "Back For Good" by Take That. There was just something about that song that made me feel great.
For the German community I would like to mention another song, same time frame. I am blushing whilst I am writing this, it was "Abendteuerland" by PUR.
I think I keep having these kind of funky taste farts in between and they constantly change and keep my life interesting I guess.

What have you released so far?

"It Goes Without Words" was recorded in front of my laptop during my travels and is really a collection of love songs to myself and the ocean.
My first professionally produced album "Here We Are" came out in 2013 and I was lucky to make that happen with crowdfunding. I decided to start a Kickerstarter campaign and raised all the funds to produce this full album.
It was a very empowering experience and it made me get more comfortable in asking for suport. In May 2014 I released a self-titled EP "Lucie And The Perfect Wave", followed by the band's debut album "Live At Medici's", released in January 2015.

What is coming up?
In December 2014 I flew to Australia to shoot a new music video which is going to be released very soon. Also we are putting together a "Freak Folk Show" in Honolulu on tax day with different bands and artists.
I am planning the next music video and working on going back to the studio to capture some of the new songs that keep coming through. All in one, we are creative and productive and happy to share.
My intention is to change the world, one heart at a time. So I keep singing my song. Meet me at one of my Germany living room concert tours or swing by our beautiful islands of Hawaii.

Lucie Lynch online: Website | Facebook | YouTube

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Credits // Text & Questions: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Answers: Lucie Lynch


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