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 It's interview time again!
 This time Irish men Kodaline sat down to answer some of our questions.

Kodaline are a four piece band from Dublin, Ireland. Genre-wise they walk on the fine line between alternative and folk-rock
Singer Steve and guitarist Mark have known each other from school. Meeting drummer Vinny and former bassist Conor a few years later led them to start out as a band. As "21 Demands" the quartet was part of the Irish talent show "You're A Star" and came in second. 
After a busy time and a chart hit, things slowed down.

With a new bassist and a new band name - Kodaline was born. Their first selftitled EP brought out their song "All I Want" which found a lot of positive feedback, especially online. Soon that song was played on the TV series Grey's Anatomie and The Vampire Diaries.
In 2013 the press re-discovered the band and predicted big times for the Irish lads. 

Kodaline are:
Steve Garrigan (lead vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar, mandolin, harmonica)
Mark Prendergast (lead guitar, backing vocals, keyboards)
Vinny May (drums, percussion, backing vocals)
Jason Boland (bass, backing vocals

The band just released their second album "Coming Up For Air" and is currently on tour. That gave us enough things to talk about, so go ahead and enjoy!

Learn more about the the recording process of their new album, covering songs, tour essentials and what the lads do on days off.

 house in the sand: Hi guys, lovely to have you on house in the sand. First of all, congratulations on the release of your new record "Coming Up For Air". Can you tell us a bit about the writing and recording process? You wrote and recorded parts of it in LA - would you say the city inspired you?
Kodaline: Hello, thank you very much! This album was a really quick process. It was recorded and mastered within 3 months so everything just happened really easily! We were fortunate to get to work with some amazing people and work in great studios but yes, we worked in LA for around 3 weeks! It's a really cool place but the songs we worked on over there were written prior on tour but it's a cool town!

house in the sand: Do you think there are many differences between your old and new material?
Kodaline: Yes and no, we worked with some new people on this record and they took us out of our comfort zone and made us try new ways of working which was really cool! We didn't want to make the same record twice! The emotion and sentiment is still there, just with some new sounds.

house in the sand: You're also about to kick off a tour. Which song do you look forward to playing live the most?
Kodaline: It changes everyday really, but looking foward to "Play The Game" and "Love Will Set You Free"! Both really amazing songs but really different from each other!

house in the sand: You've recently covered Ed Sheeran's "Sing" (mashed-up with Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off). Are we going to hear more covers from you soon?
Kodaline: Covers are just some fun, we only really do them when we are asked to do for radio shows, but it's like a challenge to make 2 songs work and sound good together. But we will do some in the future! 

house in the sand: Whilst touring - what do you guys do on days off? Any special rituals?
Kodaline: Nothing really, we are quite boring! But normally if we have an off day in a city, we will go sight seeing and for a meal with all the crew, but that's about the height of it!

house in the sand: Tour essentials: what do you definitely need to have with you whilst travelling?
Kodaline: Home comforts really, so we bring Irish tea, good coffee for the bus and my PlayStation 4 to kill time in venues or on long drives! Oh and of course your laptop and iPod for music.

house in the sand: Intimate venues vs. crowded festivals - what do you prefer?
Kodaline: They both have their upsides! Festivals are great because people are not necessarily there to see you, so trying to win them over is fun whereas our own shows are more planned out to make it special!

house in the sand: Since house in the sand is also a source for insider music tips - do you have any? Any bands/acts the world needs to know about?
Kodaline: God, tough question! Gavin James is amazing, really cool guy from Dublin! Delorentos are an amazing band from Dublin, too. So let's go with those two!

house in the sand: Please complete the following sentence: We are Kodaline and we...
Kodaline: music

house in the sand: If there is anything else you'd like house in the sand to know, this is your time!
Kodaline: Well, thank you for the interview and hope everyone likes our new album "Coming Up For Air" and hopefully catch you at a show!

Many thanks to the band for answering the questions and to Sony Music Germany for setting this up.

Kodaline online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

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Credits // Text & questions: Vanessa Jertschewske | Answers: Kodaline | Image: Sony Music (Kodaline press kit)


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