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It's probably no secret that it takes a lot more than talent to get yourself a name in the music industry.
Writing this blog for three years now has allowed me to learn more about it by going behind the scenes.
As far as I can tell, this industry is one of the hardest - there are millions, literally millions, of aspiring musicians all around the world. Yet there aren't too many who can are known all over the world.
It's a tough and very lively industry.

People like myself (and many, many, many others) try to help out those who have talent. But again, you need more than just talent to survive in the music scene. You need passion, persistence and you need to work your bum off. 

I am friends with a lot of musicians and often get involved in their creative work process. There are so many incredibly talented musicians out there and it's a shame that not too many of them get the recognition they deserve.

Fortunately some good people on the internet share my opinion and try their best to help out as much as they can. 

And so do the people from, a company who introduced themselves to me and absolutely caught my attention with what they do. is a platform for musicians of all genres. They offer different services and cover a lot of topics that help out.
You'll be able to find out more by visiting their website here. To give you an even bigger insight of what they do, I spoke to Richard, the founder of the site.

Here's our little interview:

house in the sand: Your site supports unsigned musicians as well as labels which are looking for new music. How did you come up with this concept?

Richard from Superstartunes: I have always been a keen music fan and have had this passion to find the next big thing. Over the years I have seen a lot of talented artists who have struggled to get their music out there. I wanted to create a platform with an open invitation for anyone with the passion for music to join and be able to find everything they're looking for in one place.

HITS: What does it look like behind the scenes of Who works on this site?
Richard: has a very dedicated backroom staff who live, breathe and love music. We are physically knocking on doors, constantly keeping our phones ringing, emailing and networking with industry experts to get their attention, so the artist can concentrate on their music. 

HITS: How does benefit the music industry?
Richard: When artists are starting out there are so many avenues to choose in order to get themselves heard. With the power of the internet, networking with people all of over the world has become a fantastic opportunity to develop themselves and their music. However you don't see everyone putting their music on the social media sites i.e. Facebook and Twitter; at the same time you don't see industry experts scouring through the internet to find that diamond in the rough. There may be the odd breakthrough who gets the most hits on YouTube or goes viral through Twitter. But these are few and far between. is a bridge between artists and the industry and a viewing gallery for like mind artists. It is an open audition for artists to put their music out there, and receive feedback upon their talent from industry experts and music fans.

HITS: A question which is probably important for all musicians reading this: Can everyone be a part of your site? Or are there any specials ways you select the music/the musicians?
Richard: This is an open platform for everyone to use from artists, DJs, producers, lyricsists to fans, music scouts, record labels, etc. But anyone can go on and listen to music. As feedback is essential to progressing your career, we have allowed the use of feedback from genuine people and only signed up users can leave feedback. Plus we have used simple systems from star or not start rating systems as well as direct written feedback to aid this.

HITS: You also help acts with the production of their songs. Can you please tell us a bit more about that?
Richard: The biggest thing we try to do is get the right people in touch with each other. As we look after a range from artists, producers and lyricists, we try to get them to connect with each other. The site acts as a social media outlet for people who want to connect with each other.
And if they can't find what they're looking for, we can help. For example - a producer can go through our site to find an artist, but if they can't find what they're looking for, they can contact our team to recommend them a pontential artist. 

HITS: Since house in the sand loves discovering new music, why don't you share some of your favourite songs with us?
Richard: - Paul Mathews

HITS: If there is anything you'd like all HITS-readers to know, this is your time!
Richard: As a music lover I don't have the talent to be an artist, but I would hate to see a talented person go unrecognised. Also it is getting increasingly difficult to go to every open mic night and website to find talented musicians, I just wanted everything in one place.
We are not here just for specific people, but to help everyone in any shape or manner through the site or via our offline work, this is what we love doing. We all need a helping hand sometimes and we want to be that helping hand for unsigned artists.

Thank you for reading!


Credits // Text & Questions: Vanessa Jertschewske // Image & Answers: Richard Smith for


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