Get To Know: Robin Mitchell

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I'm really glad the "Get To Know" features are back and are becoming a regular thing again.
This kind of features aims to let you, the readers, learn more about talented musicians in a rather personal way.

There are so many incredible musicians out there and I'm glad house in the sand gets to introduce a lot of them to a wonderful audience of music lovers. 

Today we're having Robin Mitchell over, a very talented musician from the UK.

He's going to tell you more about himself, his music and its background, his guilty pleasure song and his plans for the future.
So Robin, the stage is yours!

Who are you?
My name is Robin Mitchell, I'm a 25-year-old poet, songwriter, guitarist, performer and producer from a city called Bristol in England.

How would you describe your music?
At the moment I work a lot within two distinctive styles: 'featherweight soul' is a real mash-up genre, drawing on 90s indie pop and electro sounds and soul influences, and I also release folky music which borrows from Americana, country and blues as well Balkans, French and Spanish styles. My songwriting tends to fluctuate between being thoughtful and playful.

 What does music mean to you?
Music can simply be the soundtrack which makes a great day better (or a sad moment sadder!). At other times, music gives voice to the thoughts, feelings and longings that you thought were impossible to express. Music can be used to conduct a full-frontal exposé on injustice, or it can sneak into the dark places of your soul and turn on a light. 

Your guilty pleasure song is?
My guilty pleasure song is 'To The Moon And Back' by Savage Garden. What a chorus!

What have you released so far?
I have released a whole host of EPs in the styles described above (and others), all of which are available to download over at bandcamp. My latest EP, 'Dust' (December 2014), is a 5 track selection of stripped-back acoustic songs for fireside listening.

What is coming up?
I have a 10 track featherweight soul album which is close to completion, and also a bunch of 'songs for the road' (written on my travels around Europe) which I hope to record soon. In the meantime, I'll be gigging in my hometown of Bristol (and anywhere else I get invited), running my monthly live music night in a laundrette, and continuing to enjoy collaborating with whomsoever should cross my path.

 More info here: A beginner's guide to the music of Robin Mitchell.


Robin Mitchell online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Bandcamp

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 Credits // Text & questions: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image and answers: Robin Mitchell


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