Day 11: The Old Border | #HITSBC15


Hey guys!

And so it is day 11. I'm really proud of all the work the amazing artists have done so far to help me present you a birthday party hopefully none of you will forget. 
What is the Birthday Countdown though? Throughout the entire month of February, one artist/one band a day is going to wish house in the sand a happy birthday and then perform a song exclusively for us.

Today The Old Border are our birthday guests.

The Old Border are a four piece band from South London, UK. 
To describe their sound I'd use the words alternative and indie-rock. 

They formed in 2013 and already have a debut EP out called "Rehearsed In The Mirror". 
The band says about their EP "with an admiration of artists such as Bruce Springsteen, The Replacements and Bloc Party, it is an attempt to place small town narratives into three and a half minute rock songs".

The band consists of:
Ben Woolford (vocals, guitar)
Jimmy Nicholls (guitar)
Matt Braid (bass)
Alex Howson (drums)

As you all probably know, I love every single video of the countdown. And The Old Border performing their song "Don't Talk" are no exception, so go ahead an enjoy today's video!

Many many thanks to The Old Border, you guys were the first band to send a video and therefore were the first guys to let the countdown come to life. Thank you!

Please go ahead and share this performance with your friends by using the hashtag #HITSBC15.

The Old Border online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube

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Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: The Old Border | Video performance & camera: The Old Border | Video intro: Vanessa Jertschewske


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